Monthly Archive: April 2018


Amazon Frown

Amazon is inviting registered UK charities to join AmazonSmile, its affiliate marketing service that lets customers generate a donation for charity each time they shop on Amazon. Each time customers shop at Amazon will donate a percentage of the net purchase price for millions of eligible products. There is no additional cost...


Gender Pay Gap

We hear a lot in the mainstream media about the ‘gender pay gap’. Well here are some facts that the female dominated media are less likely to share: Paying men and women differently for doing the same, or equivalent, jobs is illegal. It has been since 1970. If you don’t believe...


Data Collection

Most people know that big companies collect our data but few of us realise the extent to which they use it, who sees it and what impact it has on our lives. Well, here’s the thing. It’s important. If it wasn’t the world’s largest and richest companies wouldn’t want it....