Monthly Archive: February 2019


A to Z of Political Correctness

Pinched from a well-known, newspaper, you have to read this to believe it! Here’s an A to Z compilation of some everyday words, practices and concepts that have fallen foul of the new Political Correctness orthodoxy. A is for avoiding eye contact Oxford University’s Equality and Diversity Unit tried to...


How to Run an Effective and Efficient Office

Whether your office is occupied by five employees or five hundred, if you’re in charge of making sure everything inside your office is running smoothly, there’s plenty to take into account. You need to ensure that you’re well stocked of office supplies and that everybody’s computer systems are running well....


Never Seventeen

Award-winning writer, Dave Lewis, has recently published his eighteenth book, a collection of modern, haiku-like moments written over the last few years. Published in Oct 2018 by Publish & Print. This is his second full ‘haiku‘ collection, although others can be found in some of Lewis’s other books. Review: “This...