Monthly Archive: June 2019


Man-Hating Feminist Crap

Who’s watched ‘Killing Eve’? You know, that TV programme about British military intelligence being run by women. Posh, public school women, Asian women and pregnant black women. At best a comedy script (although in reality just plain sexist) that tries to subtly slip in a ‘men are crap and useless...


OneClass Now Offers On-Demand Homework Help

Today, education is much different than it used to be. Of course, we all realize how much technology has changed things. However, the pressure for students to succeed is higher than ever. The high cost to attend university makes it important to do well in class and make the investment...


9 Things You Might Not Know About Tom Jones

Tom Jones is one of the best success stories to come out of Pontypridd in the last few decades, but how much do you know about the legendary singer? The local Welsh hero. Here’s a list of nine things you might not have known about the Welshman. His hit Delilah...