3D Politics

It must have been about ten or fifteen years back when I realised that politics in the UK was not only rotten, but also broken. I suppose it’s always been rotten. After all, the system just keeps those in power in power and those that are rich, rich. But recently I really think it’s got much worse.

The more I watch the biased, dumbed-down news channels or listen to the lies and drivel of mainstream career politicians the more I get turned off from politics. In fact I seem to be actively encouraged by the media and the politicians to switch off, lose interest and finally give up on the whole idea that I can change anything by engaging with these parasites.

I used to think the problem in the UK was the press – the BBC, the foreign-owned Tory tabloids and the politically-correct broadsheets, but now I realise they are the same thing – the media and the politicians I mean. They are both part of one cosy little clique. It’s a childish little game they play. No-one gives a shit about anything except themselves. They don’t care about their communities or the country, all they want is to maintain the status quo and shun anything that may interfere with this symbiotic arrangement.

Result – I become depressed. Like a teacher who cares about children’s welfare. Like a doctor or nurse that longs to help people. Like any public servant that truly gives a monkeys about his fellow man and community! What do I do?

Well, I can fight. But sooner or later I’ll get so stressed out, as I battle against overwhelming odds, that I’ll finally get beaten down to their level. I either accept the banal and the stupid, I either welcome the deterioration of standards in society or I get ousted. The next step? Let go, made redundant, moved on / out, sacked, abused, threatened…

What becomes of me if I continue to stand up for goodness and mercy? Well, I become the personification of ‘natural wastage’.

Quite depressing?

It’s their masterplan. The sadder we all become the less likely we are to vote for any of them in the future. They simply do not represent us anymore. Voter turnout falls to an all-time low but the system means they still get ‘voted’ in to carry on ruining our lives and keeping us oppressed.

We need a new political system. One where the people write the policies.

I often get asked if I’m left-wing or right-wing. I bet you do too. Well, I’m both. I’m a raving facist when it comes to paedophiles, Muslim terrorists and serial rapists and I’m a loony leftie when it comes to our NHS, jobs and social care services. I want a living income for all, to abolish the benefits system for all but the most needy. So my politics, like many I believe, cannot be put into a box. Although I bet many would jump into my box – ooh err missus.

For example, I don’t want Eastern European criminals strolling into my country yet still love my Polish friends. If fundamentalists from Leicester want to blow me up then shoot them I say, but at the same time I want more Filipino nurses recruited to prop up our NHS until such time as we train more of our own.

I want equality in the workplace and equal pay for men. Yes, men I said! Everywhere you look there are women. Overpaid women! Take the BBC for instance. Every week they have two female presenters interviewing two women who are so hard done by, then they go over to the sports or business news with two more women, or maybe the weather with another woman. Mmm?

I believe in 3D Politics! I don’t want to be placed upon a straight line that goes from left to right, I want to be a sphere, I want to be able to have a different opinion on everything, not be forced into accepting the one true path of some silly, outdated, backward-thinking political party that never gets more than 30% of the country’s vote. I wonder why!

Here’s a good link for starters – take the test – and see where you stand. Life’s a grid man!

So, what political system would we have? Well, we have the internet so I’m sure we could be using this tool in politics too.

Compare the one-off democracy of the EU vote to the policies of the current government. They want to privatise the NHS, they want to give control of our energy to the Chinese, French and Germans. They want the USA to put bigger nuclear bombs in our country, they want to keep an unelected monarchy and hereditary Lords. They want the gap between rich and poor to grow wider, our state schools to become militarised zones and climate change to kill us all.  They want environmental devastation, species extinction, habitat destruction and life expectancy to fall to an all-time low for poor people. Hands up who voted for all this? Well, apparently we did.

So, how about a vote on a 100% publicly-funded NHS? How about a vote on abolishing private schools? That would help social mobility that millionaire May laughably claims she wants.

How about we vote on whether we should allow Sharia courts to continue in this country? How about we vote on child benefit for only one child? How about we decide what higher rate of tax Wayne Rooney should pay? How about we decide what pay BBC presenters get? How about we vote on whether we want Halal and Kosher slaughter methods to be banned?

Until we get to choose what we want we will never have democracy. We are quickly heading towards a US style of election system. One where money talks and the choice is between two idiots who would struggle to comb their own hair or manage a simple email account.

This is why working class people vote for UKIP. It’s a protest vote. It’s a vote against the status quo, it’s a vote against the BBC, Channel 4 and the rest of our unelected mouthpieces who continually tell us how we should think, how we should vote and how awful we are.

Someone needs to take control and give the people a chance to get involved. Facebook politics anyone?


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