Cardiff v Ponty

Ever since Muppett, Samuels, the WRUin and the other 4 ‘clubs’ decided to scupper the best team in Wales, i.e. the Celtic Warriors, there has been animosity between C****** RFC, the Blues and the true home of rugby in Wales – Pontypridd.

celticwarriorslogo_200It seems a new row is erupting as the most successful Welsh team in the British & Irish Cup (yep, Ponty) and the best team in the Welsh Premiership and Welsh Cup for the last umpteen years (I’ve lost count how many times Ponty win everything…) has been ousted from the European competition to be replaced by a made-up team called Blues A or some such bollocks!

For years the valleys have been calling for a new, fifth region, Owen Smith MP (big rugby fan) and many others, including former Wales internationals have all put their voices behind this cause, but all have tried and failed to get top-class rugby back where it belongs. Well the latest news is that those arrogant tossers at Cardiff have decided to pump millions into Merthyr RFC in order to finally beat Ponty into submission.

Mind you, paying players, below the premiership, is outlawed at present by the WRU, so will they have the balls to say anything? I doubt it. Just think how the tiny village/town of Toulon have ruined French rugby.

Of course if Merthyr were going to develop new, young talent which could be brought through to play for the Ospreys (probably closer than Cardiff) and then Wales it might be a good thing, but no, alas, it will be half a dozen foreigners and over-the-hill, former Welsh internationals that see their pension pots enhanced. Can’t blame those players, and good luck to them of course – take the Thomas tokens and laugh all the way to the bank, but is this really helping Welsh rugby?

If the WRU weren’t so spineless then they’d endorse and fund a valleys region so that Cardiff have competition, rather than just roll over and take one up the Arms Park for the boyos. A new region could be based in Merthyr (or Ponty) and do what Ponty has always done – develop Wales’ future rugby players! But this idea? To bankroll a lower division team in order to spite one of Wales’s greatest clubs just ‘cos they won’t kiss your boots – pathetic!

Roll on 2015/16 season and see if Ponty doesn’t win everything again!

Wales Online – click here.

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3 Responses

  1. Completely and utterly agree! Unbelievable!

  2. Stan says:

    More here:

    Regional Premiership Select XVs will represent Wales in the British & Irish Cup next season, while the Premiership will be expanded from 12 to 16 clubs from 2016-17.

    The announcement over the B & I Cup brings an end to the controversial saga surrounding who will take part in the cross-border competition from now on.

    When proposals to replace clubs with regional select teams emerged in May, it provoked fury from Pontypridd, with their chief executive Steve Reardon accusing the regions of a “conspiracy” and of being “downright disrespectful”.

    Ponty pledged to fight to uphold their right to compete in the tournament, which they have reached the quarter-finals and finals of in the past.

    Boycott the tournament anyone?

  3. Chapisz says:

    Hi Rhys, I think you are right about the Welsh language being a ptetry good delineator of Wales. I am always in two minds about English as an international language on the one hand it is really convenient given my lack of other languages (Hungary was fun, most peoples second language was German which I just about managed to scrape an O level in about 25 years ago!), on the other hand it seems to be very devalued as a marker of cultural identity; Oh you speak English, you must be from..?I might suggest that Welsh is actually at an advantage being paired with English, imagine if your minority language is competing with Hungarian (national language) and German (most widely spoken second language) and English (International language). Practically all Welsh speakers will naturally acquire native fluency in English as a consequence of growing up in Wales. Apparently being bilingual also makes it easier to learn additional languages (Spanish or Mandarin I guess, just because France is near doesn’t mean it is the most sensible language to learn!).Certainly the WBA has that somewhat improvised feel about it, and I would suggest is only a bit of fun, but the idea is certainly an interesting one and I certainly hope there will be a WBA2008 (and maybe even some rules!)

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