Christmas Shopping Online

I don’t know about you but as a bloke who doesn’t really see the point of shops I have to confess to doing all my Christmas shopping online (have done for years) apart from a box of Thorntons that I pick up on Christmas Eve for ‘er indoors to scoff while she does whatever women do before the food appears on the table after we’ve been to the Llanover Arms for a couple of pints. Actually when I say ‘all’ my shopping I probably mean the half a dozen chewies I buy for the dog to unwrap before the annual druidic celebration over Ponty Common at 11:00am on the big day.

But for those who like a good shop why not try the links below. It’ll save you time, money and petrol. It might also mean shops close but we all have too much stuff anyway. Just scroll down and click the banners:

Calendar Club


Cartridge Monkey



Joe Browns

Lonely Planet



The Guide Dogs for the Blind

The Royal British Legion



Twinnings Teashop

Weird Fish

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