Councillors – Are They Worth It?

Firstly, can I say this is not a personal attack on any individual, or any political party but…

In RCT, where we are seeing unprecedented cuts to jobs and council services it surely must make sense to look at other ways of saving money. An area that rarely gets looked at is our county councillors – the elected members of the borough. Now we’re not saying they are all a lazy bunch of illiterate fools, or useless old farts jumping on the gravy train to enhance their pensions, oh no, not at all. But we do believe there are too many and that many are overpaid. After all, councillors used to think it was an honour to serve and did this public service for free.

So before reading further just ask yourself the following questions: What do they do for us? And are they worth the money?

Here’s what they will cost us, the taxpayer, in 2015 / 2016:

Leader and Chair of the Cabinet
Morgan A. – £53,000

Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Tackling Poverty Engagement & Housing
Montague K. – £37,000

Cabinet Member for Council Business
Webber M. – £32,000

Cabinet Member for Environment, Leisure and Culture
Crimmings A. – £32,000

Cabinet Member for Education and Skills
Hanagan E. – £32,000

Cabinet Member for Health and Adult Social Services
Forey M. – £32,000

Cabinet Member for Economic Development & Planning
Bevan D.R. – £32,000

Cabinet Member – Children’s Social Services, Equalities and the Welsh Language
Hopkins G.E. – £32,000

Cabinet Member for Safer Communities, Libraries and Heritage
Rosser J. – £32,000

Chairperson of Overview and Scrutiny Committee
Adams L.M. – £22,000

Chairperson of Finance and Performance Scrutiny Committee
Norris M.A. – £22,000

Chairperson of Public Service Delivery, Communities and Prosperity (and Crime and Disorder)
Davies. G.R. – £22,000

Chairperson of Children and Young People Scrutiny Committee
Leyshon C. – £22,000

Chairperson of Health and Well-Being Scrutiny Committee
Smith R.W. – £22,000

Chairperson of Development Control Committee
Stacey G. – £22,000

Chairperson of Licensing Committee
Fox A.S. – £22,000

Leader Of The Opposition
Jarman P. – £22,000

Total – £458,000

Ah, but that’s not all. We also have the other 56 councillors who are each entitled to a more modest £13,300.

Total – £744,800

This does not take into account expenses, of which some councillors claim next to nothing while others seem to want to suck the public tit dry for all their worth! Anyway…

Grand Total (cost to residents of RCT) – £1,202,800

Of course the question that must be asked is: Do you think we are getting value for money at £1.2 million every year, year on year…? And if not, what should be done about it?

Here’s some suggestions:

  • Reduce number of councillors to 7
  • Two for each area – R, C & T, plus leader
  • Salaries – £25,000 each, no expenses
  • Minimum qualifications, e.g. 5 GCSEs, business ownership, respected community member / leader in their field
  • Total cost – £175,000
  • Saving (per year) – £1,027,800 + expenses

Source: RCT website

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  1. L says:

    I think 7 in total are not enough and would you do the job for 25k ?

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