Election Result 2015

Well, the results are now in and as predicted it’s no change for Pontypridd, Wales or Westminster.

Owen Smith, resident Labour donkey with red rosette (no offence Owen) has retained his seat, even though 60%, of those that could be bothered to turn up, voted against Labour, and so it’s business as usual for him on his £67,000 salary plus expenses.

hitlerBut in London, England, it’s an absolute nightmare as Cameron & Osborne (more benefit cuts for the disabled, privatised NHS, bigger nuclear weapons, more money for bankers, fracking, environmental catastrophe, more terrorism, abolition of council services, education cuts for the poor, increase in food banks) get voted back in by a media-brainwashed electorate that seems to think some vague concept of a ‘deficit’ is more important than our children’s future.

And politicians and the media wonder why people don’t vote anymore!

The turnout was around 66% (pretty disgusting when compared to the Scottish referendum). So even with this slim majority there were 34% of the population who ‘didn’t care’ and therefore could have voted against the Tories! So, please make sure, as your life gets worse over the next few years, that you don’t listen to these idiots moaning. Instead just give them a huge slap!

The problem with this election as far as I could see was that the media had already made our minds up for us, constantly telling us that it would either be a hung parliament or the Tories would win. The media instead of thinking about the consequences of such a rash act as re-electing one of the most right-wing parties in the history of British politics focussed on telling us to avoid the Nationalist SNP and the racist UKIP. This resulted in a rather boring election campaign where the main parties became very careful not to do or say anything controversial so they might ‘lose’ an election rather than ‘win’ one.

This morning shows us that 3.5 million clowns have voted for UKIP (most as a protest vote) and the Scots kicked Labour out in favour of independence. Wales seemed to completely lose the plot, but maybe if we watch the Scots doing politics properly we might learn something while we queue at our soup kitchens over the next few years.

So what now? I hate to think what state the country will be in come 2020.

In Wales, 37% of the votes are Labour, which means 63% voted against Labour! Yet they still have a 25-15 seat majority – election reform anyone? Or shall we just accept that they’ll be laughing all the way to their second homes?

But at least we’ve got the precinct now. Horray! Shit.

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3 Responses

  1. Martyn Lewis says:

    Well said ! Batten down the hatches !!!

  2. Sel Roberts says:

    On your menu/about details you claim to be independent and “no-political”
    Don’t this article meets those criteria!

  3. admin says:

    Fair point Sel. I am a socialist and an environmentalist though.

    The ‘About Us’ page refers to the fact that the website has no affiliations to any political party though.

    As you can see though, your comment has not been censored, so free speech is encouraged.

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