EU – Result!

united kingdom exit from europe relative imageWell, there’s a turn up for the plus fours! Didn’t think they’d allow this to happen. So what next?

Well, judging by social media (remind me to delete all my accounts later) the world will now dissolve, the KKK will be riding pale horses through Treorchy town centre, my children will be eaten by Britain First, our NHS will catapult all the Filipino nurses back to Manila this weekend, the pound will become synonymous with the Weimar Republic, house prices will rise to ten million euros each for a mid-terrace in Cwmbach, Boris will finally reveal himself to be a lizard, the Queen will emigrate to an independent Scotland and mosques will be draped in bacon and set alight. Oh yeh, and worst of all Loose Women (‘television for stupid people’ for those that don’t know) may get cancelled to make way for the news – damn.

Well, thank Dawkins for that. I thought we were in trouble for a moment. Look, Wales will probably lose to New Zealand again and the footie team will still be heroes, even if they go out Saturday. So all is not lost. Cheer up, as Brian of Nazareth said. At least Corbyn is on his way out too. Maybe now we’ve got the ‘EU vote’ out of the way we can start on the real problem, a minority Tory government (just 24% of the UK voted for Cameron btw).

cameron_faceBefore the vote I was sick to death of people lying (on both sides), sick of seeing Tories on the telly, sick of millionaires (journalists / business leaders / career politicians / ex-footballers / actors / celebrities) telling me how I should vote. I was also quite shocked that wonderful, caring, intelligent people I knew were turning into nasty, name-calling twats when faced with anyone who disagreed with them. Mmm? OK, I put it down to passion, nothing wrong with that, you’re forgiven.

Moving forward though, shouldn’t we be asking why poor, working class people voted for Brexit? For me it wasn’t because people had their intelligence chips removed it was just a way to stick two fingers up to the establishment. This was about class and wealth more than anything else. This was about inequality, unfairness and hopelessness. In Wales, it was the so-called ‘left-behind’ communities that voted out.

The Labour party, that has traditionally represented working people, have deserted us all long ago. Social mobility under Blair and Brown dropped to it’s lowest point ever in the UK. No-one cares about us, so I think people thought, ‘Right, I’m not going to care about you either.’

‘Wait, hang on… is that a burning cross outside my window?’ ‘Oh no, it’s alright, it’s just a London banker immolating himself.’

So let’s look at the actual doomsday scenarios I’ve been reading this morning. The pound has fallen. So? It’ll bounce back soon enough. How else will the rich get richer if they can’t speculate on currency fluctuations?

burningcrossOh yeh, house prices will crash. Great stuff! Youngsters might be able to afford one now. You know, those youngsters that are shouting and screaming for the genocide of ‘stupid old people’ because they can’t afford their own house, yet they spend a fortune every month on a mobile phone contract to post shit on social media, go to the pub, smoke, eat out, drive cars, go on gap years (from what I ask?), subscribe to Netflix and SKY TV instead of actually doing what older people did – save up for a deposit!

What about all the millions of job cuts that must come now? Well hang on, you can’t have it both ways, if EU nationals are sent packing we’ll have loads of jobs for people to do? But seriously, I doubt either will happen though. Maybe… just maybe, employers might just keep the good people, regardless of whether they eat beetroot soup or not.

What about the NHS, schools, council services? Will they just explode in a great big puff of smoke now that Boris has found a comb? ‘Oh yeh, I hope that austerity thing doesn’t stop now. I’ve got really used to it. How would we cope without cuddly George Osborne telling us we need to cancel our membership to Annabels because we’re all in this together?’

Btw, the happiest countries to live in are (in order) – Denmark, Switzerland, Iceland, Norway, Canada, Finland (‪#‎Fixit‬), Netherlands (‪#‎Nexit‬), New Zealand, Australia, Sweden (#Swexit). So, it kinda makes a mockery of all the so-called experts on our tellies telling the working class who voted for ‘out’ that they are idiots. And the arrogant, biased, pig-headed, absolutely disgusting BBC who dig up people to do vox pops about immigrants to peddle their nasty, racist, hate-filled agenda.

OK, rant over, time for a pint. ‘How much John?’ ‘Nine pounds fifty for a glass of Speckled Bollocks!’ We’ll see.

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20 Responses

  1. ERIC NEAL says:

    Pontypridd Labour MP Owen Smith suggested we have another referendum or general election to confirm any new agreement with the EU.

    The only reason he is saying that is because he voted in and his constituency voted out which means he is out of touch with his own electorate, regretfully it seems he cannot bring himself to admit that.

    Owen Smith is arrogant enough to think he knows best, when the online registration system broke down for two hours it was replaced by an extra 2 days!

    I did not hear Owen Smith being a true democrat state this was unfair and corrupt?

    • John B> says:

      Eric, its not a case of being out of touch with his own electorate, its a case of not representing the electorate that voted for him to be an MP as THEIR representative and be a Voice for those people of his constituency. Not personal views, because that is not what he was voted in for, otherwise if he has another agenda, then he lied to the people who voted for him.

  2. John says:

    As the column says the happiest countries are out of Europe or thinking about coming out. Smith is a fool to even mention the referendum, Labour voters don’t want more unaccountable pen pushers they want proper jobs created.

    • John B> says:

      Unfortunately, being an MP isn’t about representing your constituents, that’s far to old school, its about representing like minded people and making the most out of Joe Boggs while filling your boots like the rest of the modern day politicians. Thank you Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, David Cameron and George Osborne for enlightening us ORDINARY folk for what the real agenda is.

  3. Kenneth Galloway says:

    Owen Smith should be recalled by the selection committee and De selected, he is not a fit and proper
    person to sit in a democratic parliament.

    • Jason Davies says:

      Kenneth, hope you don’t mind me replying

      Owen Smith will shortly be on the HALL ON BETRAYAL, check it out.

      As far as I am concerned Owen Smith is a ‘Charlatan’, check out the site as he is due to be listed shortly

  4. Brian Warlow says:

    Owen Smith said he will vote against Brexit if it goes before Parliament to support Jobs in his Constituency, in other words he bows better than his electorate.
    Prior to the referendum his voting record since 2011 in Parliament, on having a referendum was:
    one for a referendum.
    One against a referendum.
    Five times absent for the debate.

  5. John Crowe says:

    Last night on ITV Agenda Smith said that the vote in his constuency was 50-50 is that true??

  6. admin says:

    RCT Result

    Leave: 53.7%
    Remain: 46.7%
    Turnout: 67.5%

  7. Denise jones says:

    He just lied on national TV then he said 50 50 is but with remain being slightly in front

  8. Andrew Griffiths says:

    Owen smith on BBC news making up his own facts just stated that Pontypridd was 50/50 and maybe even in favour of remain. The actual fact is that Pontypridd voted to LEAVE. This guy is a disgrace and disloyal to his constituents

  9. Kenneth Hughes says:

    How does Smith continue to say that Pontypridd voted to remain in the EU? This is untrue why is he allowed to say different

  10. EXILE says:

    A tota,l myopic ex BBC Bubble hypocrite!
    Ignores the national democratic vore and his own local vote which was for leave…
    Note the typical BBC culture of false news he spins……..
    50/50 as he has been trained to state.
    Come on people of Pontypridd reject this undemocratic buffoon! !!

  11. Sheelagh Frankland says:

    Smith’s wishfull thinking like a lot of Remain desperates. Its coming to an all time low- when they have to lie though. They ought to be honest and say the real reason is they want to have as much money as Neil Kinnock

  12. leedsjon1 says:

    If, as this article suggests, the main reason why people voted Out was to ‘stick two fingers up to the establishment’ all I can say is, good luck with that – for you’re going to need it. Expressing your disapproval of the current political establishment in this way is like trying to get a better economy by blowing up the Bank of England. You won’t get a better economy if you do that – you’ll simply end up with a far worse economy than the one you started with since the single most important financial institution in the land – which drives most of the economy – will be destroyed. Now apply this argument to Brexit and you will see that, far from giving the current political establishment a good kicking, all you’ve really done is give yourselves a good kicking. This is probably what is meant in the article when it talks about people ‘having their intelligence chips removed’.

  13. Marco Sciarra says:

    What is it about the REMAINIACS – what is it that you people do not get – most people in all the countries around the globe think running their own countries is normal.

    We voted leave, and we will NOT be accepting anything less – its called democracy

  14. Haydn Evans says:

    Owen Smith is in denial. His constituents will remember his lies. Lies, damp lies and statistics!

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