Fight Back Against Political Correctness

Hands up who thinks that Britain is too politically correct?  Careful now you might be called a racist if we see that hand reaching for the stars.

Take these examples: Dennis the Menace no longer carries weapons or gives other kids grief.  Punch no longer inflicts domestic abuse on Judy.  Spotted Dick is no more because presumably it insults dicks.  I’m not actually sure.  Brainstorming is banned now in case someone without a brain objects.  Union Jack flags, ‘The Who’ t-shirts etc. are often banned in case it offends someone.  Massive, bouncing, lactating, porno breasts have been banned from the BBC.  Oops, sorry that was just ‘Titty’ in Arthur Ransome’s novel Swallows and Amazons.  And of course all superheroes must be banned because they use violence to save the world.

Depressed yet?

The point is political correctness has distorted not just politics but society itself.  Political correctness has become a cancer that has infected public life but worse than this it destroys ordinary people’s faith in the system by treating their genuine and decent concerns as somehow immoral.

Although political correctness began in the 1970s as a form of radical Left-wing politics by students with too much time on their hands, one generation’s students are the next generation’s establishment.

So this mental (see what I did there?) mindset of 1970s students ended up becoming the mindset of the establishment.  Places like the government, BBC, councils and offices up and down the land.

Political correctness is now the norm in public life. To be acceptable, behaviour has to conform to it.

Jeremy Paxman has criticised the BBC for being ‘biased and politically correct’ and called for the licence fee to be abolished because ‘if Amazon and Netflix can do it, so can they.’  Paxman also criticised the public service broadcaster for focusing stories on ‘the disabled refugee from Syria’ rather than examining how managing a disabled refugee’s needs might affect British taxpayers.

Having a female Dr Who doesn’t bother most people but why not also have a drama with a Trump-like racist as the hero?  Not going to happen.  Katie Hopkins might be a bit dodgy but at least allow us to listen to her, same with Tommy Robinson.  Then we can make our own minds up about whether they are right or just looneys.

This kind of political correctness that censors offending views and refuses to allow the discussion of certain topics is very dangerous because human beings evolve through intellectual inquiry and endeavour.

If we simply stop debate and block off some ideas and views, then we become the thing we are supposed to be fighting against – small-minded.  A society cannot ignore the views of the majority and allow a minority to force upon them their views.  That would be madness.

So how do we fight back against these nutters?

Well, one way is to stop paying the BBC licence fee or at least sign a petition to abolish it.  Another way is to switch off any programme where pc-views are being forced down our throats, like the BBC news for example.  As viewing figures dive so the case will become stronger for a fairer TV channel.  Remember the ‘OFF’ switch is a powerful tool, use it and reclaim your sanity.  Don’t let them force feed you their warped agenda.

If a Facebook group is too political or biased towards either left or right just leave the group, join another or even start your own.

Or you could just check out completely of course, read a book, walk the hills or go for a pint with your mates down the pub.  Plenty of non-PC discussion there but don’t tell anyone or they’ll be banning pubs next!

Now that would cause a paradigm shift.

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3 Responses

  1. Kelvin Saunders says:

    PC brigade are destroying free speech and stopping us from talking about difficult issues. Time free speech was prioritised.

  2. Johnnie says:

    Great article, enjoyed it 🙂

  3. Daniel Lea says:

    Awesome column mate!! Too much of this BBC bull around at the moment and worse it’s getting too.

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