Man-Hating Feminist Crap

Who’s watched ‘Killing Eve’? You know, that TV programme about British military intelligence being run by women. Posh, public school women, Asian women and pregnant black women. At best a comedy script (although in reality just plain sexist) that tries to subtly slip in a ‘men are crap and useless joke’ every episode. Then they waltz about Europe whilst they laugh at and continue to make pathetic jokes about how shit men are at everything. They live in a fantasy world where armed police are so crap that they fail to clear a building properly, where office workers are suddenly field agents, where a demented (but very clever / funny / beautiful / add more adjectives to describe female hero) killer who assassinates loads of weak men in sick, depraved ways is somehow our favourite person. Well, she is mine I must admit. Jodie Comer is fantastic! Just a shame this truly brilliant acting creation had to be stuck in this shit, cartoon drama where it’ll just be lost to the world along with all the other BBC pc-liberal nonsense (like Fleabag). Take her character out and what have you got? A big pile of nothing.

So why do they do this? Is it because women now control the light entertainment arm of the beeb?  I say ‘light’ because you cannot take this drivel seriously. Comedy yes, albeit sexist, but serious no.

And why do so many people like this nonsense? Don’t they know that the latest BBC ‘star’, writer Phoebe Waller-Bridge, is landed gentry from Sussex who attended fee-paying schools to keep her away from us all? Her family is full of Tory MPs, business magnets, Lords and baronets. She is laughing at the oiks while raking in the cash.

Is this what feminism has reduced itself too? Kick a man (or hang one upside down in a brothel and gut him like a pig) and feel good about yourself? Where were the guts or pints of blood btw!? But I digress. All this crazy attention seeking is not going to help women get equality (I’d argue they are getting a far better deal than white, working class, heterosexual men at the moment anyway) but rather cause men to start hating them.

As much as I despised her, Maggie Thatcher proved that women could achieve and that was way back in the mid/late seventies. Girls have outperformed boys at school for as long as I can remember, they seem to dominate the media and are soon to be the majority in medicine and law. So why turn the clock back? Why try to do to men what they did to women back in the mists of time? Two wrongs don’t make a right.

What about the workplace? Women in their 20s and 30s probably earn more than most men now. The boardroom is next and politics (another high earning profession) is becoming more female each positively discriminated by-election.

Of course it will backfire on these middle-class, modern-day suffragettes from the big cities as more and more men (that’s the real men btw, not the wimpy twats with The Guardian’s under their weedy arms) just bugger off to their sheds, pubs, pornography and computer games. Some will even leave the UK for other countries where women are still allowed to be beautiful, sexy and show off their tits if they want to attract the alpha male.

Surely now is the time for real men to stand up and be counted. But I wonder how many of these oh-so-oppressed women will stand in solidarity with men as we wave our banners and demand equal opportunity for all the under-performing boys out there?

How many ‘modern’ women will protest to help change the laws around adoption, dowries, circumcision, child custody, divorce, domestic violence, education, female privilege, health, government structures, homelessness, prisons, military conscription, paternity fraud, false rape claims, social security, suicide rates?

As for TV, bring back ‘The Sweeney‘ I say 🙂



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