Our Favourite Grief Poems

Losing a loved one can be an extremely difficult time in anyone’s life. The grief that follows this loss can leave you in great emotional pain and it can be extremely difficult to return back to a busy working life. We have gathered the top three grief poems to help you find some peace during this difficult time.

Long Distance II

Throughout this poem, there is a recurring theme that grief relates to everyday situations such as popping out to get the tea. It can be greatly reassuring to realise that although a loved one may be gone you’re not alone. Everyone around you has dealt with a loss of some sort and it’s greatly important that you talk about this difficult time to those who mean most to you. This poem was created in 1937 by Tony Harrison and we believe it is the perfect way to start our favourite ‘Grief Poems’.

One Year Less

This poem is created by Cheryl McDonald and is about the loss of a child. Losing a child can be an extremely difficult time and we believe you should be supported through the entire funeral plan. The line “No one word for the pain, the longing, the brevity” really grasps how difficult it can be to deal with the emotional pain of grief.

Stop All The Clocks

This poem perfectly describes grief in a very modern and easy to understand format. It can almost feel like time stops when you have recently lost a loved one and it can seem the norm to shut yourself away from the rest of the world. Creating an environment when you are disconnected with the rest of the world can only make grief worse. Dealing with grief is no easy task but reading this poem will help you understand that you are not alone during this difficult time. This poem was written by W.H. Auden.

We hope you have enjoyed our collection of the top poems about grief. It can be very difficult to arrange a funeral when you are suffering from grief so it’s important that you visit one of the leading funeral directors in caerphilly and receive the support and guidance you need.

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