Ponty Lido Open!

lido1_600_400Well, the waiting is over. Over 35 years of waiting in fact… and I’ve finally been for a swim in the new swimming pool in Ponty Park. It was August, it was freezing cold and it was raining but I must say I was impressed.

The actual pool is much smaller than the original, not as deep, and there are other smaller kiddies paddling pools, which replace the old free pools. Plenty of sun loungers and plenty of changing cubicles, albeit only suitable for people with breasts under 5 ft in height.

lido2_600_400Not sure how the pool is ‘heated’ but I did see a chimney working overtime, so once again RCT council have successfully played the ‘I have no idea what this environmentally friendly bollocks is all about’ card. Just think about the lack of solar panels on St Catherine’s empty car park and Sainsbury’s store.

The artist’s impression of the Lido (I’m thinking multi-coloured doors) was obviously just for the posters as we have a drab racing green effect inside, although to be honest it’s probably better this way. More in keeping with the old baths.

lido4_600_400The cafe wasn’t open but I did see an entrance from the new ‘Telly-Tubbies’ play area so it looks like people will be able to sneak in to the pool this way when it’s busy.

It was free today but obviously there will be a charge in future, although I was assured that Leisure cards would be accepted which is great news for residents.

lido3_600_400Overall, I have to say I was impressed, I like the outdoor experience (oo, err, missus) and imagine on the one sunny day of the year, in October, when the pool will be shut, it will be awesome in there.

Now, all Ponty needs is to stop all the shops closing. M&S gone, WHS next… get the 64 arts centres open and we’ll be laughing all the way to the Wonky bar.

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  1. Paul says:

    long gone now the days of youthful deeds
    games of buzz in the white hart and smoking funny weeds
    head off to mill lane and sweaty betty’s delights
    and skinny dipping in Ponty park on cold winter nights

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