RCT To Charge For Sports Fields

As part of its drive to save millions of pounds Rhondda Cynon Taf Council has proposed charging clubs for the use of the council’s 26 bowling greens, 15 cricket grounds, 38 rugby fields and 67 football pitches, in Phase Three of cuts to services.

It estimates a 34-week season would cost a football or rugby club’s first team £600 to use a council field, with their second team paying £450 and third and subsequent teams £300. Even junior teams will have to pay £100 per season!

So, what will clubs do? The answer seems obvious – some will pay, some will run fewer teams, some will fold completely. One thing is for certain though, with less people playing sport in the borough, the result will be more unhealthy kids and adults. This can only increase the burden on an already over-stretched and under-resourced NHS.

For clubs with a first team, a second team, youth side and a number of age groups it could mean a yearly bill running into thousands of pounds. Some clubs just won’t be able to afford these costs.

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  1. Abby Layman says:

    If they start to charge clubs, many of whom are run by people who give up their time for free, they may find it tips people’s goodwill over the edge.

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