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Is it me or is there a severe lack of local news these days?

WalesOnline seems to have abandoned it’s local news section with stories still there from Boxing Day!  The BBC don’t even know where the ‘valleys’ are and the local rag (the Observer) is losing circulation faster than a Muslim trying to get through US customs these days. So where is the ‘Ponty’ news?

All anyone seems to care about is whether Trump should be allowed to speak to parliament or not. Who cares? It’ll be a laugh whatever he says. We don’t have to agree or believe his fake news do we?

Surely far more important is how we get rid of this terrible Tory government in Westminster that is privatising everything they can lay their greasy hands on. And locally, in Wales, we need more support from our ineffectual WAG and our own MPs.

Good news for Ponty is that the precinct development is offering us a ‘Playschool’ through the square window experience so that’s a plus (I think), while a negative is the news that the YMCA refurbishment is on hold as they couldn’t raise the money to match fund for their upgrade.

But what about our local (ish) MP – Owen Smith? He seems to have completely lost the plot as he apologises on behalf of the British people for the refugee crisis. Don’t you just hate it when people do that? Like all those journalists that tell us the British Empire was evil and we should all be ashamed! Like our families ever made a penny from it. Next thing we know Owen will be recording a duet with Lili Allen!

And of course with global events dominating the headlines local issues get swept aside.

In 2010 the UK’s illegal immigrant population was estimated to be at 1.1 million. It is very likely that, in the six or seven years since that estimate was produced, the number has continued to increase. It is certainly heading towards half the population of Wales!

So, do we want child refugees to be allowed into the UK? Yes of course we do, but they should all go to live in Tory wards (like Surrey) where the standard of living is higher and they’ll have the care and support they need. Thinking about it though maybe half of RCT can migrate to Surrey too and then perhaps we’ll get the help and support we need.

Closer to home again our MP was also one of those who defied Jeremy Corbyn (not to mention the British people) and voted against Brexit even though his constituency voted 54% for it. All this at a time when the residents of RCT are experiencing cuts after cuts to council services.

Everywhere in Britain, hospitals, schools, police forces and local services are struggling to cope yet the UK gives £12 billion to foreign countries in overseas aid. Health tourists in England alone costs the country £1.8 billion. Foreign citizens make up 9% of the general population but 12% of the prison population in England and Wales. However unpalatable it may be to us the Daily Mail and UKIP do have a point!

So what the hell is going on in UK politics? What the hell is going on locally? Nobody wants UKIP to do well but we must have a credible opposition otherwise they will. Fighting within the Labour Party just makes things worse for the working class because they feel abandoned, have nowhere to turn and nothing to lose.

The mainstream parties need to get out and about and see what is going on in their communities. They need to re-engage before it is too late. At the moment I see people taking one side or the other which just causes hate and anger to grow. This cannot be allowed to continue. Hitler rose to power in a divided, broken nation. The genocide in Rwanda happened after tribal xenophobia. The breakup of the former Yugoslavia the same thing. Both sides of any argument must at least see the other’s point of view. Otherwise we’ll tear each other apart while the rich continue to get richer laughing and watching it happen.

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