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With plenty of talk in the media (and in local crime thrillers) these last few years about the criminal spying undertaken by the USA and UK governments on the world’s citizens many feel the NSA and GCHQ have gone too far. What we look at online, what sites we browse and what stuff we buy is our business not the snoopers.

Google, Facebook, Apple, BT etc. (the list is very long) all give our data to the Americans and British intelligence services. Why? You might ask. Well, there is only one reason and it’s not terrorism – it’s so they can build up a picture of us all so they know what we’ll do before we do it and also what we’ll buy or more importantly are likely to buy in the future. They then send us the adverts targeted to us personally to sell their crap.

The two tiered web is already with us, adverts are targeted at us on a daily basis, via phones, websites, internet searches and even this website (via Google Ads we use to try to get clicks to pay for it!). Everywhere we turn we see fonts, logos and branding, well OK, maybe not that many in Taff Street these days, but you get the picture.

Anyway, in order to stop the government snoopers, the Russian mafia, ID theft gangs, viruses etc. and do our bit for free speech and freedom of choice here are a few links for people who care about their own civil liberties:

DuckDuckGo – search engine that doesn’t track you

Zone Alarm – free firewall

Last Pass – password management

VPN Book – virtual private network

Tor – the ultimate tool – The Tor Project

This list is by no means complete but should be great for starters. But what about email I hear you cry? Well, there are programs that hide your details, like HushMail etc. but many of these companies have been shut down by the NSA.

What about Facebook? Well, you can delete your account of course but guess what? It’s still there! You need to go to – follow the instructions and wait 2 weeks!

And don’t start me on Cookies 2:0. It’s a brave new world.

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