Stupid & Racist

Hours after the Brexit result many of my so-called kind, intelligent, liberal friends (University educated, in good jobs, great pay) branded my other friends stupid and racist. I imagine the same thing happening in the USA after the Trump upset.

I hung back and observed. I watched the vitriol spew back and forth on social media while the political elite (MPs earn £75,000 plus expenses, plus second homes) quietly laugh to themselves knowing that once again they’d been handed a get out of gaol free card. Their lifelong butties in the equally well-paid media (shit columnist Richard Littlejohn gets over £1 million a year and BBC’s Huw Edwards, Fiona Bruce, John Humphrys and Jeremy Vine all earn over £500,000 a year) now have years of public distraction material handed to them on a plate. The same old sound bites with which they can continue their cosy, city of London, Game of Life callously played out for us on the taxpayer-funded BBC and the foreign-owned broadsheets and tabloids. I despaired, again.

Now who are these stupid people exactly?

Maybe they’re people like me, two degrees and a post-grad, unemployed, struggling to earn enough money from my writing to hoist me into the JAMs (Just About Managing). Oh, I’d love to be earning that little! Instead of surviving on my wits, spending my redundancy on food and watching as my previous hard-earned life’s savings dwindle down to a low enough level so I can claim benefits and qualify for the food bank at last.

Last night I watched another news report that had some fucking fool tell us that the economy was doing well, that more people were now employed, that this fictional concept called the deficit was coming down and share prices were up. Lies, lies and damn lies. Only swallowed by my kind, intelligent, liberal friends who nod sagely and say ‘deficit’ or ‘racist’ instead of engaging their long-dead empathy chips.

While we’re on the subject of the EU though, here are some figures from the EU themselves:

The UK pay £11 billion in but only get £6 billion out. I won’t say do the maths, then vote. We’ve already voted. Stupidly apparently? Anyway, here’s some more facts: Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Ireland, Greece, Spain, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Hungary, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia all get more out than they put in. I admit Wales is a different kettle of fish though. More a bucket of eels…

Personally I’ll miss the EU money and the contribution it makes towards our great cycle lanes, roads that lead nowhere and tarted up railways I never use because they are so expensive. Can’t think of any other reason but I digress, surely for most people Brexit isn’t really an issue either way. Neither is the deficit – it doesn’t affect poor people, i.e. the majority of us. Think about it. When Labour were in power and we had this huge deficit we were poor, forgotten, abandoned and shat upon by our government. Now we have the Tories and it’s just more of the same. OK, to be fair they don’t pretend they despise us or try to hide how nasty they are but the the result is the same – we’re screwed, just at a far faster rate.

So who are these really stupid people? People who saw a chance to stick two fingers up to the established order knowing it wouldn’t make a blind bit of difference to their lives either way or the ones who voted for the present Tory government? Come on my friends, Romans and countrymen (both stupid and clever) we have to deal with millions being cut from the NHS in readiness for its privatisation, state schools going down the pan, £100 billion spent on nuclear weapons when we are telling other countries to stop making them, zero action on climate change, species extinction, habitat destruction, the list goes on… Stupid? Yeh, I know who’s stupid alright. Not our elected representatives, who are allowed to get a 11% pay rise that’s for sure!

On the plus side though we’re going to spend £360 million on a housing grant for the Queen to do up Buckingham Palace. Not bad seeing as we only have to pay £24 for a family ticket to see the work we’ll be paying the builders for. Mmm? Still, the Queen only gets about £40 million a year to top up her measly £350 million personal fortune. I don’t know how she manages? Maybe we need to vote her so more of our cash.

Oh yeh I almost forgot, we’re all racist as well. Our government lets ISIS fighters back into the country so they can follow them home to Birmingham, Cardiff or wherever to see who they’re talking to on Facebook while my own family are refused holiday visas by a foreign office official in Mumbai! The result is my son cannot see his wife and child and I can’t see my beautiful, half-Filipino grandson this Christmas. But not to worry the same UK government will welcome a host of terrorists home, pay to put them up in hotels and send them on de-radicalisation courses. I must be racist, there can be no other logical explanation?

Yep, now I know, stupid and racist that’s me. And millions of others apparently. What a shithole we live in – wake up you dull f******!

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  1. Ted says:

    I’m a stupid racist as well. Further I am a left wing fascist with communist tendencies who, despite being of mixed racial parentage, is a white supremacist! Apparently. Ah the honest, fine, upstanding Murdick (sorry Murdoch) lead media seem to be doing a fine job taking my strawberries and unashamedly fowling (yes I know how to spell) them. Happy days indeed.

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