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Most people have noticed that great big hole in the ground now and many have asked what’s going to go in there. Well, the council’s ‘latest’ plans (they do change their minds quite a bit) are to put a God-awful ugly building with offices, gym and library there. Horray! Maybe…

I’m all for a fitness centre (the town’s been crying out for one for years) but what will happen to the new gym planned for the YMCA? Are those plans now changing seeing as the ‘Precinct II – the return of the precinct’ seems to be including everything in one place? What will happen to the current Pontypridd Library?  Will this beautiful old building be sold off to friends of friends of someone at a discount price?  I hope local councillors keep us informed on this one.

The One4All Centre (Sardis House) will also move here. So what happens to that almost empty building?  Will it be sold off or demolished?

There seems to be a move to put all the council’s eggs in one basket, which is quite sensible I guess. One building where you can do lots of things. Maybe they will include a cafe, bar and restaurant there too?

However, although the council says it has listened to the views of local people it appears to have not listened to the views of local people who said that residential housing should also be included in the new precinct. You’d think that trying to encourage people to live in the town would be a priority, especially as these days towns up and down the country are dying for lack of businesses, shops etc. Plus the flats could overlook the beautiful park.

Still, I’m not complaining, at least something is happening and with the project being completed by 2019 it’s only been 40+ years that I can remember since a new development has been needed.  Cool.  Super fast council eh!  They might even incorporate solar panels into their thinking in another half a century.

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6 Responses

  1. Andy Fosterjohn says:

    Current council stated way back that as retail led projects had failed before, this would be office led, + other users, so not changing mind. Library likely to be used for another service, or linked to new Halls of Residence next to it. Students will bring money into town, and use Muni, YMCA…And gyms.

  2. admin says:

    I suppose “other uses” could cover everything so fair point 🙂

  3. Craig Morgan says:

    Why on earth do we need a library in the town centre ? We have a perfectly good library that is hardly used, now we’ll have a shiny new one that’ll be hardly used. It looks like the council has run out of ideas. This ain’t really going to increase the footfall that Ponty town centre really needs.

  4. George Ashill says:

    The design is a throwback to the worst type of office developments we used to see in our big cities in the 90s and noughties – the type of thing that everywhere else stopped doing years ago. No reference point to the river, no relaxation areas, all about the ROI and nothing about the people who could rejuvenate the town, whether residents or visitors. A huge backwards step to my mind.

  5. Cherryl Wharton says:

    Just reading comments about ‘Precinct II’. I for one would be using the library in its new location! My laziness but I cannot be bothered to walk up to where it is now. I especially don’t like visiting it, on a winter’s evening, when Edwina arranges a talk! I didn’t like walking along that street on my own! So much easier to get from the bus station into the library, if the move is made? The gym will be popular… have any of you tried visiting your local gyms lately, always busy…

  6. Gareth says:

    An ugly square design that looks like it is going to dominate the riverside area without enhancing it at all. The design graphic conveniently doesn’t have the historical bridge or the local museum in the frame, presumably because they will be overshadowed by the new development and are not considered at all important enough by the designers. This is a golden opportunity to enhance Pontypridd but at the moment I’m afraid it doesn’t look good to me… The rivers coming into Pontypridd are beautiful and its about time they were showcased!

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