Tom Jones

Old Ponty boy Tom Jones, 75 years old, will be charging £35 for you to listen to him tell you things you could read in his autobiography at the Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff on Oct 12th even though he’s worth over $250 million!

Inspired by the release of Over the Top and Back – The Autobiography, fans will be able to hear Sir Tom revisit his past as he chats to BBC 6 Music presenter Matt Everitt.

They will explore the twists of fate that took a boy from wartime Pontypridd to international stardom, which has seen him rub shoulders with a host of fellow superstars, including Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis and Frank Sinatra.

The singer, who was recently dropped from BBC series The Voice, will reveal the stories behind the hits as well as the ups and downs of his remarkable life and career, while charting his success – from his early heydays to the subsequent fallow years the 1980s to his big comeback.

No doubt he’ll also tell everyone how much he loves Ponty even though he doesn’t seem to want to dip into the interest on his bank account to help improve things.

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  1. clive david williams says:

    what as tom jones ever done for pontypridd ?

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