Writers of Wales

A new project that aims to highlight many of the great Welsh writers in the country, both past and present has been launched.  A-Z listings of as many Welsh (or Welsh connected) writers that can be found from throughout history as well as all the new, modern authors out there will be added as time goes on. So whether you’re a Brythonic historian, a best-selling TV celebrity, a sports star, a celebrated crime writer, a politician, priest or poet, or one of the new breed of ‘indie’ writers Writers of Wales wants to hear from you. All they ask is that you have some strong connection to Wales.

The website will also be adding blog posts where they hope to bring you information on Welsh writing news, literary events, open mic nights, competitions, magazines as well as the launch of new books throughout the year. If you have something you think we should add or news you wish to share please feel free to get in touch.

Please be patient though as updating this site will take rather a long time!  In order to launch the site just a handful of Wales’ most successful, important or influential writers have been included, with lesser writers omitted.

There is also a small links page where you will find other useful websites.  If you have a Welsh-related / literature-related website that you think should be there then let the website know.

This site will be free to use but will also offer adverts, Amazon book widgets and paid blog posts.

The success of this venture, like all online projects, will rely on the goodwill of the participants so with this in mind please share, post, email our web address to as many people as you can who might be interested in Welsh writers and literature.

Thank you

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