Precinct Development

Why not follow the new ‘development’ with us?  Every few weeks / months we’ll take a photo and update this page with it so you can see how the new office blocks and tree planting is taking shape.

Remember this is what we used to have…

… and this is what they promised and when:

Winter 2018 – preparing for bridge (if councillors approve it)

Summer 2019 – build footbridge to take even more land from the park

Winter 2020 – finish building the new modern buildings (above) that don’t fit in with the town’s old Victorian heritage

The images below (click for a larger version) will show what we actually get. Oh yeh, and remember to count those trees when they’ve finished.

17 Sept 2019

Graphic with lots of greenery and trees to make up for those chopped down

Footings for third bridge across Taff into Park

06 Sept 2019

Starting to take shape now

12 April 2019

Starting to dwarf the buildings around it

Huge structure as seen from Gas Lane car park

29 March 2019

Starting to take shape

31 October 2018

Council approve footbridge – click here.

12 December 2018

Steel fabrication

Ugly concrete

29 October 2018

Big ugly metal framework for large dome shaped structure

Is it just me or is this so-called ‘development’ too big and not in keeping with the Victorian heritage of the town. Of course the original precinct had the Everest Tandoori, Rainbow Records, Champs pub and much more… Unfortunately this time there will be no shops, pub or restaurant.

Let’s hope the councillors see sense and reject the footbridge over the Taff as well when they come to vote on it.  Have people lost the use of their legs?  We already have two bridges across the river at either end of the town.  A council report also admits that “tree loss will be necessary”, so yet another reason to turn down planning permission.

Local residents are also asking the question: “How can a short footbridge cost £2 million!”

The council report also says: “… and the further planned redevelopment of the park…” – does this mean a car park in the Park?

14th September 2018

Starting to look really big and ugly now.

Exactly like the old underground car park?  Joyriders will be hoping it’s left open, like last time, so they can enjoy midnight racing around the bollards just like they used to do.

10th-20th July 2018

Pillars of car park.

13th June 2018

First crane.

14th April 2018

Cranes and diggers.

13th March 2018

Lining down.

12th March 2018

The ‘proposed’ footbridge into the Park, which hopefully the councillors will reject when it comes up for planning permission.

8th March 2018

Spreading the muck about a bit.

18th Jan 2018

Clearing the old site.