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So Who Should You Vote For?

Normally a #GeneralElection is pretty boring. About a dozen or so seats in the UK decide who the next government is going to be. We, in Pontypridd, are a safe Labour seat. A donkey (and let’s face it we’ve had our fair share of those in the past) in a...


Welsh Independence?

Firstly, can I say I’m all for Welsh independence.  Wales has been oppressed for many hundreds of years by its nearest neighbour, England.  We survive on the crumbs that the Westminster government seems fit to dish out.  But.  Plaid Cymru, like all political parties at the moment, seem to have...


Welsh Nationalism? I’m Confused.

OK, I could write a novel here but there is one thing that puzzles me. I’ll keep it simple and try not to annoy too many people (unlikely these days) but perhaps someone can explain in the comments section or on the message board what I’m missing… Brexit happened. OK,...