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Druids Drink 2018

Well, it’s that time of year again.  When lapsed druids from all walks of life gather for a handshake, a toast to the ‘stones’ and a good ole fashioned chinwag.  Rock stars, dog walkers, retired adult movie stars, chemical engineers, poets, probation workers and photographers will once again be in attendance...


Pet Food

As a dog owner you know how expensive your favourite furry friend can be, especially when it comes to providing the best quality nutrition. So we thought we’d try and help all ‘Ponty pooches’ (and your wallets) by searching the Internet for the cheapest pet food. Our own dog eats...


Druidic Drinks

Started in 2013 by Welsh writer Dave Lewis and other members of www.pontytown.co.uk, the annual Christmas Day ‘morning drinkies at the druid stones’ kicks off again at 12:00pm. Massive crowds are once again expected to converge on the Rocking Stones, Pontypridd Common, for what some have called the new Glastonbury. Well, it’s muddy anyway....