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Be Nice To Cyclists

Britain’s two largest cycling organisations are asking the public to show some kindness towards cyclists amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Cycling UK and British Cycling have come together by publishing an open letter in ‘The Times’ calling on the public to show tolerance towards cyclists during the lockdown, following a worrying...


Family Cycle Ride

For the last few years a small gang of local ‘Ponty’ cyclists have been brushing away the cobwebs with a short, family-friendly, cycle ride from the Llanover Arms to the Old Bwl pub in Ynysybwl.  The outings have been rather infrequent although well attended.  All that is about to change...



Now that the dust has settled after the General Election it’s time to face reality again. The world is still buggered, the same ‘nasty‘ people are still running it and the rich will get richer while the poor get poorer. So why stress over something that is so difficult to change (well,...