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So Who Should You Vote For?

Normally a #GeneralElection is pretty boring. About a dozen or so seats in the UK decide who the next government is going to be. We, in Pontypridd, are a safe Labour seat. A donkey (and let’s face it we’ve had our fair share of those in the past) in a...


Nasty Politics

Growing up in the 70s and 80s I saw prosperity and austerity in equal measure, although I’ve only ever experienced the latter.  I saw the unions grow powerful which helped give workers pay rises but that was short lived when Thatcher came to power and dismantled everything. Love her or...


General Election 2017

Normally I look forward to a general election because it means we finally get a chance to get rid of the Tories, start again with a few years of Labour before they get kicked out and so on… This time it’s a bit more depressing though. Most people I know,...