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Did you know this about Swinson?

Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson was born in Glasgow in 1980 and was educated at Douglas Academy and the London School of Economics. She has pledged to stop Brexit altogether but why would you trust her when she previously backed a referendum on UK EU membership, has a strange relationship with squirrels...


Did you know this about the Green Party?

I studied zoology at University. I love animals, our beautiful natural world and protecting it is very important to me.  I used to be a member of Greenpeace, FoE, Liberty, WWF, EIA, WSPA and have raised quite a bit of money over the years for various wildlife and conservation charities....


Stupid & Racist

Hours after the Brexit result many of my so-called kind, intelligent, liberal friends (University educated, in good jobs, great pay) branded my other friends stupid and racist. I imagine the same thing happening in the USA after the Trump upset. I hung back and observed. I watched the vitriol spew...