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Recent Developments In Town

Exciting times indeed.  We’ve just heard about a new, artsy, retro-themed, oldie-worldie, whisky and real ale bar is due to open in Market Square soon.  At last, the council is looking forward and can see the future of small towns like Ponty is indie traders. Last month we had the...


Druids Drink 2018

Well, it’s that time of year again.  When lapsed druids from all walks of life gather for a handshake, a toast to the ‘stones’ and a good ole fashioned chinwag.  Rock stars, dog walkers, retired adult movie stars, chemical engineers, poets, probation workers and photographers will once again be in attendance...



I often wonder what our Celtic ancestors, or even the more recent Christian preachers, who once filled our chapels and churches up and down the Valleys, would say if they could see us hiding behind the settee with curtains drawn, TV and lights switched off, and the dog’s mouth all...