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Funny Meme Trends Of 2022 So Far

2021 was a truly stellar year for meme history. For example, cast your mind back to Jackie Weaver and the Handforth Parish Council (notwithstanding the fact it’s recently been discovered that Jackie Weaver didn’t have actually have the authority, sea shanty TikTok, the Suez Canal scandal and Bernie Sander’s brown...


Which sports can punters in Pontypridd still watch for free?

Sports lovers in Pontypridd may well be wondering what sports are still free to view these days as the paid subscription giants of Sky and BT continue to hoover up the high-octane action we love and put them behind paywalls. It’s an increasingly sad state of affairs but there are...


Cooking Nazis

I was flicking through the channels on my TV the other day (before giving up and watching Netflix) and couldn’t help but notice the number of cookery shows on TV. I must admit I never watch then for more than five minutes because the sight of some celebrity I’ve never...