How to choose the best salon to go to?

Many of us (especially ladies) enjoy visiting the local salon or spa from time to time, in hopes of coming out looking and feeling great. However, with so many beauty businesses around, how do we decide on one that is best suited for our individual needs?

Before booking your next visit at any salon, follow these steps to ensure that you get the best experience possible!

Check their reviews

When looking for a new beauty business to visit, we often turn to friends for advice. They may recommend an exceptional salon, but this is based off of the experience of one one person. Instead of basing your decision off of one client’s opinion, find the beauty businesses online and do some research. Visit the salon’s social media page and read up on their reviews – your friend may have had a great experience at the business, but others may have not. When choosing which beauty business to visit, our decisions are often based on experiences others have had.

Peek at work portfolios

Checking a salons’ reviews page is oftentimes enough to help us decide on which one to visit, but most people forget to explore the work portfolio, which is just as important. A beauty business might have a 5-star rating, but it may be based on several factors. Many positive client reviews might be based solely on the price clients paid for a product or service and not necessarily the quality.

If you have a salon in mind that you would like to visit, look to see if it is on social media pages such as Instagram or Facebook, as these are popular mediums that beauty businesses rely on to share their work. You wouldn’t want to visit a salon, book a hair treatment and leave with a head of regular box colour, which begins to fade after a few washes. The service you paid for may not have been expensive, but the quality may have been below your expectations

Look for convenience

Although it’s 2018, many beauty businesses take bookings over the phone – it’s fast and fairly reliable, unless staff members are too busy to answer your calls, or you are trying to book after hours. Now that is not very convenient. Instead, look to see if the beauty business offers online booking, either on their website or social media pages.

A business with online booking prioritises client convenience, as this feature allows for 24/7 booking and may include automatic appointment reminders. Since we all have many daily tasks to accomplish, forgetting things like a beauty appointment are commonplace – which is why salons with this feature should be on your list.

Juliusz is a beauty business blogger at Versum salon and spa software.

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