Mistakes to Spot Before the Final Printing of Marketing Materials

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Whether you decide to use banners, posters or brochures for advertising, you need to go through a lengthy process before the final printing. You do not want to release something that has tons of errors as it can turn people off. From the design to the content, you need to be cautious to ensure that you will get the best results. These are among the common mistakes you need to spot.

Failure to “bleed”

Bleeding is necessary to ensure that your design does not get cut off or trimmed during printing. It is a small margin that allows your plan to stay intact. It extends the layout by about 3 mm. After printing, there will be a final removal of this portion.

Using low resolution

It does not matter if you are trying to save money. You cannot opt for a low-resolution banner. It would be better to not put up anything at all. You worked hard to come up with a fantastic design, and no one will appreciate it because you chose a low-resolution poster. It also shows that your business is not doing well enough since you cannot afford to pay a quality printing company to do the job.

Wrong size

Size is crucial because you are printing the banners using large material. If the file size is too small, you will see pixels on the final banner, and it is not a good idea. If your banner is 5 x 5 m, you need to set the file size on the computer accurately to match your expected results.

Grammar and spelling errors

These mistakes might seem minor, but they matter a lot. If people see these mistakes, they might not trust you anymore. If you cannot even do a great job in correcting minor details in your marketing material, they might think that you also commit similar mistakes when dealing with the products you sell.

Copyrighted images

Avoid using images that you found online since they might have copyright. The owner could sue you if you use the said image for advertising without permission. Either seek approval or take original photos. You can even use regular people as models since they are relatable.

Poor image from afar

You are hanging posters and banners, and it is crucial for people to see them even from afar. For roller banners, people might come close, but they will only do it if they thought it was attractive when they saw it from afar. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that the banner looks fantastic not just when you see the design up close. Take a few steps back to see if it still has the same appeal. You can also print one sample and hang it. If it does not look as amazing as the one on the file, you need to change the colours or font styles used.

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