Welsh Independence?

Firstly, can I say I’m all for Welsh independence.  Wales has been oppressed for many hundreds of years by its nearest neighbour, England.  We survive on the crumbs that the Westminster government seems fit to dish out.  But.  Plaid Cymru, like all political parties at the moment, seem to have lost the plot. In 1975 they campaigned to leave the EU, but then changed their mind for the 2016 referendum and said they wanted to remain.  Despite this Wales voted 52.5% in favour of leaving Europe.

Now their policy seems to be contradictory.  On the one hand they want us to leave England and break free of their control, yet on the other hand they want an independent Wales to be part of Europe.  How can we ever hope to stand on our two feet if instead of having one richer, more powerful overlord controlling our affairs we have 27 others all trying to do it?  Crazy? Perhaps?

Adam Price (Plaid Cymru’s leader) says ‘we don’t want charity‘ but that is probably what Wales will have if we stay in Europe (or rejoin after the UK leaves Europe and Wales then becomes independent!).  Although there will be a ‘Price’ to pay (get it).

There is certainly a growing call for independence, Eddie Butler for example.  And to all those who say ‘No, we can’t afford it.’ I say just read this here.  There are many pros and cons with every argument of course but a Nazi government in London and in Washington must surely be enough to scare us all into voting ‘Leave’.  Leave the UK that is.  We’ve already voted to leave the EU remember.

Europe has 44 countries but only 28 are in the EU.  Switzerland has a land border with 3 of the biggest contributors to EU coffers (after the UK) yet is NOT in the club.  They seem to do alright on their own and no-one complains about the customs border etc.  They also control immigration although it is rising from within the EU.

Iceland are not in the EU and they are pretty rich. Liechtenstein, Monaco and Norway are also not exactly poor.  Of course other countries want to join – Albania, Serbia, Ukraine, Turkey etc. which means Wales will be even lower down the list for handouts (oops, sorry I forgot we don’t want charity).

Why is Wales so poor though especially as we get millions of pounds of EU money from Brussels?  Well, the reason is England.  Westminster says, ‘Oh look you’ve had loads of cash from Europe, we don’t need to fund you anymore!’  Because we don’t control our own affairs (i.e. budget) we are always going to be kept poor by England.  Of course many argue that an independent Wales within the EU means we have the best of both worlds, we keep our own money but also get cash from Brussels – certainly worth thinking about.  But, will tiny Wales then have to turn Muslim to accommodate all the ISIS fighters shipped out of Turkey and passed on from mighty England?  Will big bad bullying Germany tell us we can’t call Welsh cakes ‘Welsh’ ‘cos there are no Welsh people in them?  It’s a tricky one.  Wales could be turned into Greece.

No, far better to leave the EU, then leave England.  Do a Costa Rica, become neutral, a green tourist centre, control our border and keep our population small.

Wars are fought over oil as we all know so looking ahead, what limited resource will become so valuable that it’ll either cause wars or make countries with it rich?  Yep – water.  Now ask yourself how much a litre of petrol is compared to a litre of bottled water in Sainsbury’s, then think again if Wales can afford to be independent.

Oh yeh and finally, ask yourself – does it ever rain in Wales?

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