Welsh Nationalism? I’m Confused.

OK, I could write a novel here but there is one thing that puzzles me. I’ll keep it simple and try not to annoy too many people (unlikely these days) but perhaps someone can explain in the comments section or on the message board what I’m missing…

Brexit happened. OK, it hasn’t yet and might never, but the vote happened. We had a people’s vote where the majority voted to Leave the EU. Yes we know it’s a shambles, mainly due to the Tories not having a majority in Westminster and people on both sides are getting understandably annoyed and frustrated that it is taking so long to actually sever ties with the political monster that is the European Community. But forget all that nonsense for a bit. Here is my problem…

Plaid Cymru, the self-styled party of Wales consistently says that it wants to remain in the EU. Even though Wales voted to leave.

They also campaign for Welsh independence.

Not seeing it yet?

OK, I’ll make it easier for you. Plaid Cymru and most of my Welsh nationalist friends want to rid themselves of the Westminster government and political system that we never vote for. OK, seems fair enough.

Plaid Cymru also want us to have our own tax raising powers and stand on our own six million feet (think about it). In other words independence – hurray! Again, so far so good.

And even though I don’t really see myself as a nationalist I do agree with this view and do want an independent Wales. Despite the negative opinions I do think we could make it work. Don’t listen to those brainwashed English voices that say we’re too poor. Think of ways we CAN do things for ourselves.

Here’s a few examples:

We have a low population (we might need to build a huge wall to keep the foreigners out but…), we have plenty of water (we could sell that to England) and we have great beer.  We wouldn’t need an army anymore, we have Alun Wyn anyway.  We could turn Cardiff into a ‘City II’ and be like Switzerland and encourage all the world’s criminally-insane despots to deposit their blood diamonds, cocaine takings and other ill-gotten gains here in good ole Cymru.  We’d be rich I tell you!  We also have great tourist opportunities.  We also have a fab, extra long runway and could fly to the US and the new world every day.  OK, so far so good.

BUT. And it’s a big but as far as I’m concerned.

Once we’ve left England, Plaid Cymru then want us to stay in (or rejoin) Europe!  Hang on a minute, why on Earth would the party that was formed in 1925 with the sole aim of breaking away from the political control of one larger, more powerful, richer, oppressive political system then want twenty-seven other nations to have an even stronger, bigger, richer, more powerful political control over our lives?  Please read this paragraph again.

Also, Plaid Cymru claims to be a socialist party. Didn’t Karl Marx advocate small government or even no government at all? Why would you want to free your people from one big bad wolf (England) and give your small, poor, defenceless country away to twenty-seven other lupines!? Pure madness.

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