How To Reduce Disability Discrimination In The Workplace

Disability in the workplace is becoming ever more of a current issue. Employers strive to assist every employee to fully participate in the workplace and ensure that they are fair when employing people with disabilities. However, it can be difficult to understand the best way to solve problems concerning disability in the workplace. This guide will help to provide solutions to any issues that may occur.

How can you make your office disability friendly?

To reduce any concerns over injury and accessibility, you should attempt to make your office disability friendly. Not only is it a legal requirement, but doing so will encourage disabled employees to work for you without any issues arising. You should install wheelchair ramps and lifts alongside stairways, which will allow disabled employees to access all areas of your office. Additionally, braille-operated lifts and accessible parking spaces are other options to ensure that your disabled employees feel happy and content to come to work and have the same opportunity as everyone else.

How can you prepare for emergencies?

When you are employing any member of staff, you need to be aware of potential injuries and accidents which may occur. However, you increase the chances if you have not taken the appropriate safeguards. You are required by law to take out employer liability insurance. It is crucial when employing staff to review the insurance requirements for employers. Doing so prevents loss to your business in the event of any claims concerning personal injury or illness. Hiscox can ensure that you are covered in the event of any legal costs or compensation expenses that this claim may incur against your business.

How can you teach your employees about disability?

One of the significant problems that may arise when employing disabled people is how other employees may interact with them. Sometimes employees will show either a positive or negative bias towards those with disabilities. However, training courses can help employees to understand how to interact with their disabled team members and prepare them for how to help their colleagues in an emergency. It will help all employees to communicate more efficiently, and contribute to dispelling any problem-causing biases that may occur.

How can you help your disabled employees?

Another problem which may concern disabled employees is the ability to carry out the same duties as their colleagues. However, there is a host of assistive technology available for businesses to help disabled employees to work without constraints from their disability. These include online applications and technologies that you can install, such as colour-coded keyboards, Braille displays, and sign language applications, to name a few. Enabling disabled employees to have the same opportunities as other employees are essential and should be a significant priority for employers, in all areas of the workforce. While help for the disabled in workplaces is still lacking; you will be able to make your workplace an accessible and disabled-friendly place to work.

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