Monthly Archive: April 2022


Opportunity For Poets With A Full-length Collection

The Poetry Book Awards is an annual, international book award given to the best poetry books produced by indie writers, self published authors or books published by small, truly independent presses. The 2022 contest is now open and accepting entries! 1st Prize – £300 plus a one-year subscription to PN Review...


Funny Meme Trends Of 2022 So Far

2021 was a truly stellar year for meme history. For example, cast your mind back to Jackie Weaver and the Handforth Parish Council (notwithstanding the fact it’s recently been discovered that Jackie Weaver didn’t have actually have the authority, sea shanty TikTok, the Suez Canal scandal and Bernie Sander’s brown...


Don’t Stop Using Cash!

Anyone noticed that everyone wants you to use bank / credit cards instead of cash nowadays?  Chip and pin, swipe, tap and so on.  STOP IT!  Don’t make it easy for them – insist on cash.  If you don’t put away your cards then they are one step closer to...