Housing Crisis! What Crisis?

Hardly a day goes by without some ‘expert’ telling us all that we have a housing crisis and that we (the UK) needs to build millions more homes.

Really?  Well, there are over 1.4 million empty homes, the highest number for 20 years! These ’empty homes’ are typically second homes, or vacant properties which are either left empty or are awaiting for tenants to move in.  So is there a housing shortage?  No, of course not!

Low interest rates have actually made it easier for people to buy houses (if they want to, rather than renting like our European cousins do). However the average cost of a house is now over seven times that of average income in the UK (but only about three times in Wales as we’re so poor).

So should people be listening to the government, the BBC and the constant lies about digging up the countryside in order to build more houses?  No, of course not.  We should be cancelling the mobile phone package, cancelling the SKY TV and cutting down on meals and drinks out. It’s called saving.  A new concept for some I know but how do people think others bought a house before them.  They saved up for a deposit and then went without for a few years until they’d paid half the mortgage off.

It is true of course that as councils sell off their council houses to balance the books they then have less properties available for people starting out, on low incomes or benefits, but whose fault is this?  Yes – the council and government.

Another point worth making regards the so-called housing shortage is that the UK population is already way too high.  Currently we have over 65 million people living here (this doesn’t count the 1 million illegal immigrants). The UK needs to reduce its population. The world does too.

Is the UK overcrowded?  Well the population density of the UK is 269 people / square km – one of the highest in Europe.  Higher than Germany (233) (and they took in an entire country remember), higher than France (111), higher than Poland (124), higher than Ireland (65) and quite a bit higher than Iceland (3).

So do we need more houses?  No.  Do we need to reverse our population growth?  Yes.  Over to you Welsh / UK government…

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