Preparing for a Night Out in Pontypridd

There’s plenty on offer in Pontypridd if you’re looking for a good night out.

Whether it’s a pizza with your partner in Trattoria, or a few drinks with your mates in the Bunch of Grapes, you’ll always find something to do. With that in mind, here’s how to prepare for a great night out in the town.

Living it up in Pontypridd

  • Work out the venue. There’s nothing worse than meeting with friends in town, then spending ages debating where you’ll go. If you’re looking for some good music or the occasional cultural night, Globetrotters is a solid option. Want somewhere quiet for a chat and a bit of food? The new Italian at the back of the Llanover Arms might be the location for you. Figure out what sort of night you’re after, then take it from there.
  • Relax before you go. If you’re stressed out beforehand, whether because of work or other life-related issues, you’ll find it difficult to unwind and enjoy the night. Before you head out, take some time to de-stress; even if it’s just watching a quick programme on tv or reading the papers. It makes a difference!
  • Get dressed for the occasion. Some nights, you won’t want to bother with getting dressed up; especially if it’s a casual evening and you just want to relax. However, there may be times when you feel like making more of an event of it. In which case, splash on some quality aftershave like Aventus perfume, pop on a decent shirt and make some effort. This particularly applies if you’re taking your partner out for a meal.
  • Plan on lining your stomach. If you’re going out, it’s worthwhile making a good night of it. Having a meal not only lines your stomach nicely; it also gives you and your friends or partner the chance to catch up without having to shout over the top of the noise in the pub. Jamil Indian Restaurant is great for a traditional curry, or otherwise, plenty of the pubs do some pleasant grub.
  • Arrange your own event. If you’ve got a lot of friends, you could consider clubbing together to hire out a function room in one of Pontypridd’s pubs. For example, the Rose and Crown has a private room that can be used for parties and gatherings.
  • Factor in special days. If Wales is playing rugby, or it’s a special day, you can bank on the pubs being hectic. This is great if you want a lively night out, but not so good if you want to get a table and cosy down for the evening. Check the calendar before you start planning.
  • Harness the power of technology. Struggling to get everyone organised for the big night out? This is a common problem, and one that’s easily resolved, thanks to modern technology. Get your friends to sign up to WhatsApp (or Facebook) then create a group, which everyone can post to. Then, you’ll be able to update everyone with the latest plans, without having to send out huge numbers of texts or emails.

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