Road Trip to Some of the UK’s Best Gaming Destinations

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The people of England are known for gardening, bird watching and tea drinking, but a lesser-known fact is that many also love to indulge in competitive games.

Whilst London’s gaming culture is alive and well, you can get in on the action by planning a road trip from Pontypridd to any of the UK’s premier gaming destinations. All of those listed here are less than three hours away by car.

Cruise down to this coastal casino

For well over a century, the English have been fond of gaming. When you take a look back through history, the beginnings of some casino games can be traced back to London. In fact, the country is to thank for granting the first patents for coin-operated spinning wheel games in the late 1800s.

However, if you want a gaming experience with great views and amenities, the Grosvenor Casino Cardiff is only a 25-minute drive away from Pontypridd. Just hop on the A470 and head southeast to Cardiff.

Get an early start, because there is plenty to do there, and your agenda for the day can fill up fast. There are many activities you can enjoy at your leisure, including having a drink at the bar, visiting the sports and entertainment lounge and taking a seat at one of the poker tables.

This dynamic casino is centrally located in Cardiff Bay and often hosts events such as beauty pageants and fashion shows. From authentic Indian food to hand-crafted stone-baked pizzas, the restaurant offers a wide variety of unique dishes made with some of the region’s finest ingredients.

Play a huge game of Checkers

It will take you about two-and-a-half hours to reach Cookham, where the Bel & The Dragon Country Inn is located. The pub has a giant Checkers board in its gardens. When the weather is nice, the attraction is known to draw large groups of people who line up to play. Even if you do not play the game yourself, the larger-than-life board game is a great place to snap a photo.

Visit the Gfinity Esports Arena

For those who are up for a longer trek, the Gfinity Esports Arena is just under a three-hour drive from Pontypridd. It is located in Fullham, London.

Today, eSports arenas are popping up all over the world, and Gfinity decided to open its premier dedicated eSports hub in the UK. The arena opened in 2015 and provides a little slice of heaven for eSports enthusiasts.

The space has all of the latest eSports amenities and is filled with gamers who meet face-to-face rather than competing against each other over a virtual connection. Professionals and amateurs alike have a place at this gaming hot spot. Call of Duty, FIFA and Counter-Strike are among the popular games that you will find being played at Gfinity.

Try your hand at Bingo

Do you want a premier gaming experience without driving too far? Castle Bingo Nantgarw is a fun option that is located in Pontypridd.

The game hall offers modern Bingo technology in the form of an eCUB – a handheld device that takes the place of a paper ticket. When using the device, players can play multiple tickets simultaneously and mark numbers off with a digital pen. You can also play slots and mini-cash games from the eCUB.

For those looking for a more traditional Bingo experience, Majestic Bingo Limited could be the place for you. It is the third-largest retail Bingo operator in the UK. There are 16 clubs in all, and one of them is conveniently located in nearby Tonypandy. Drive northwest up A4058, and you will arrive in 10 minutes.

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Get back to the basics

Do you fancy traditional board games? While Pontypridd is full of inviting pubs, there are several others throughout the UK dedicated to gaming the old-fashioned way. If you are planning a stay in London, stop by the Loading Bar, where there are more than 60 board games guests can play for free (whilst they sip on game-themed cocktails). The bar also features gaming Xbox, Playstation and Nintendo gaming systems.

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