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Yes, I know… we finally gave in to the relentless push by Facebook for world domination and have started a new forum using their platform.  The old message board, which in its heyday had millions of page impressions a week, lots of active members and a spicy collective of rag-tag visionaries has finally spouted its last hurrah.  With the invention of Facebook and other social media software it was always going to be hard to compete.  I did hope that the people would see the dangers of getting too firmly into bed with one of the most disruptive companies on the planet but alas it seems the dark side has won.  And so, using the old adage, ‘if you can’t beat ’em join ’em’ I decided to try migrating the old 800+ members (and 1000’s of guests) to a new board.  I did a quick straw poll on another Facebook group and people voted 3:2 in favour of us helping their site grow and develop but after a few negative remarks by users who obviously don’t get the concept of the Internet I decided what the hell, I gave up teaching years ago, we’ll just start our own.  It’ll be smaller, fresh and hopefully go back to the original aims of our message board – to make Ponty better for us living here.  Time will tell and the members will be to blame for its success or failure – like all aspects of society I guess.

Well, here it is – Ponty Forum.  Click the link, sign up to Facebook (yes you have to), and ask to join, it takes a few minutes.  Then you too can chat about Ponty, the valleys and all things Welsh.  Post an event, tell us about a gig, share your photos of our beautiful town (well some of it), offer advice, give us the rugby scores, moan about the weather but please, please, not too much politics, as that is what ruined the last board.  Oh yeh and be nice to people, especially online, because that way they will probably be nice back to you.

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