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OK so we’ve had the new pavements.  People tripped, fell over, some even broke bones and then the slimy ‘claim merchants’ came out in force like vultures at a buffalo kill.  The electronic bollard outside The Wonky still doesn’t work properly… no-one knows where or when they can drive through town or park so most people either avoid it completely or drive through and park anywhere they feel like!

On the plus side though the YMCA is being done up.  Well, actually they failed to get the match funding but something is happening…  And the precinct is now flat of course and awaiting a ‘November development’ (stopwatches at the ready).  Yep, when the grey fog really grips the town and just as shoppers start to think about Christmas we turn the town into a building site – mmm, someone didn’t think that one through?

But let’s not be negative, the YMCA will have a new gym.  The Precinct II – Revenge of the Precinct will also have a new gym, as well as lots of trees according to the ‘artist’s impression’.  Soon the townsfolk will have muscles upon muscles, no-one will be able to get through the door of ‘Spoons’ anymore and there’ll be ‘Roid Dealers’ on every corner.  Oops, they already are, and in the Park, down Mill St and under bridges…

The new ‘state of the art’ pool is shut for the winter.  Not sure why seeing as it’s heated?  Isn’t that the whole point of a heated pool?  It can be open all weathers.  Be great to have a dip on Christmas Day morning, or New Year’s Day.  Ah well will just have to meet up as usual over the Rocking Stones for a glass of champers or druid’s mead.

New eatery at top of town (the old Chinese is now a new Chinese).  Kudos (Club Ice?) has reopened but not been in yet.  Actually, I doubt I’ll ever go in but there you go.  The Criterion reopened as a shoe shop, oops, sorry I meant Platform 11, no-one went so they made it free entry and cheap drinks.  Not been there either.

But the real pub news is that CYB now has a beer garden overlooking the river which is where all the really cool people hang out now.  Obviously if you’re not cool don’t even attempt to go there for a beer as you’ll just not fit in, so there!  No eyebrows allowed.

We’ve had the ‘Pop-Up-Art’ shop opposite B&M which is always great to see.  We’ve had ‘poetry’ nights down at the museum, ‘writer talks’ in Ponty Library and we’ve got Big Macs back at the Muni on the weekend.  Alfreds and Muffins are empty so the town is looking up.

Oh yeh and the Llanover ‘Friday night’ 5-7pm ‘by invitation only’ drinkies is the best-kept secret in town.  Oops.

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