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Those of you into photography might be interested in Ponty photographer Dave Lewis’s photo blog. Every month he tries to post an image that stirs some emotions or makes you think about life here in south Wales.

Dave has been taking photographs with an SLR for nearly 30 years. He has taken images for local businesses, designed magazine and book covers, and had countless exhibitions around south Wales. During his time at Gartholwg Lifelong Learning Centre he developed and lectured many courses on digital photography and Adobe Photoshop. He is Adobe Certified in Photoshop and InDesign. Dave worked at the centre for 8 years.

After being made redundant, due to the council cuts, a few of his former students urged him to produce a photography book. In October 2014 he did just that and published a short guide on ‘Photography Composition‘.

This is the resulting e-book and is available to download from the Amazon website for just £2.99 and is the perfect introduction to anyone thinking about taking up photography as a hobby.


‘A refreshing change from the heavily jargon loaded books available out there. Actually only one of only a handful of books I’ve read over the years that actually speaks to the reader like a normal human being. Ideal for those like myself who might not be ofay with a lot of technical photographic terminology. The terminology that is included is easily and effectively explained so that no confusion could be created, no matter how new to the subject of photography the reader might be. Dave Lewis is clear and concise, He makes the read an enjoyable and personal journey, encouraging budding photographers to try and experiment free from the reigns of pressure of attempting to succeed to some restrictive academicals expectations. The only drawback I can think of is that the book isn’t larger than it is. Not a criticism towards the author more that I enjoyed the reading experience that much I just wished it was longer.’ – David Haigh

‘This is an awesome little book and i will refer to it many times no doubt. I love photography and strive to get it right. This has taught me the rules but also that there isn’t always a right, only the way people perceive. Huge thanks to Dave Lewis for writing and giving us this little gem.’ – Tanya Cumberlin

‘A very easy book to read that doesn’t get technical. It still achieves its aim though – to cover a good many of the basic ‘rules’ of composition. I also enjoyed the photographs.’ – Alan Hoskins

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