General Election 2017

Normally I look forward to a general election because it means we finally get a chance to get rid of the Tories, start again with a few years of Labour before they get kicked out and so on… This time it’s a bit more depressing though. Most people I know, and talk about politics to, feel the same way as me. We have nobody to vote for. They might agree with about 50% of Corbyn’s policies but they also agree with 50% of the Greens, Tories and UKIP!  Basically, no political party seems to represent the ‘ordinary voter’, the ‘man in the street’, the ‘average Joe’.

Most people hate what the Tories are doing to them, but somehow, no matter how they vote, they end up with them!

The ‘media’ (of which the BBC is the biggest culprit) will spend two months telling us Labour are unelectable, allow the Lib Dems to waffle on about Brexit (like anyone cares what they think), give the SNP too much airtime and only a token ‘look at Leanne’s legs’ portion of time to Plaid. Wales will feel neglected and abandoned again, the electorate will either fail to turn out at all or vote UKIP / Monster Raving Looney as a protest, and we’ll end up with an out-of-touch Labour party in Cardiff Bay with a Tory Party in London. Same shit, different day.

The Tories will win because the foreign-owned newspapers will label Corbyn ‘RED Jezza’ and convince us he’ll open the UK’s borders to ISIS, bankrupt the country, make Putin a Lord and declare war on Trump (which he might). Opinion polls will redeem themselves and we’ll all die happily ever after as yet more austerity is piled on top of our current austerity. The bankers will get richer, crime will rise as benefits are cut, the NHS will be privatised, poor people will die in the streets and jobs will be those things you talk to your children about in the same sentence as dinosaurs.

Either way we’re buggered. So on that happy note – buy this before it’s too late!

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2 Responses

  1. Mathew says:

    I usually vote for Mike Powell of libdem, only because he is very hard working in the community, but I do not support libdem party. On this occasion I have to vote Conservative because they have the best chance of getting rid of Owen Bloody Smith, the whinging remoaning liar and liability.

  2. Jack says:

    Don’t vote Tory mun! That’s a vote for a private NHS.

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