A Look at the Top Casino Stocks of 2017

The online gambling industry has had a tremendous impact on the gaming business in the last few years and with online casino websites like Guts AU are ready to take Aussie casino players on, it is not showing any signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Things were not looking very peachy this time last year for Macau, as gambling revenue in the region dropped significantly. However, things began to pick up from Q3 2016 and gaming revenues in Macau have since seen a steady rise. Lawrence Ho, chairman at Melco Crown Entertainment, even expects the gaming business in Macau to grow by as much as 5% to 9% in 2017.

Las Vegas, on the other hand, developed new gaming resorts, Las Vegas Sands and Wynn Resorts, last year, while MGM Resorts is still bringing in the numbers as steadily as ever. If you are looking to buy into some gambling shares as an investor in 2017, take a look at the following stocks, which are and will continue to be, the top ones this year.

Las Vegas Sands

Las Vegas Sands is one of the leading stocks at the moment in the gambling industry, with impressive turnovers from its business establishments in Vegas. In fact, the company’s business in Macau has also started to grow since seeing its seventh month of rising profits in a row, after two years of more or less disappointing results. With The Parisian Macau now firmly established and beginning to generate significant revenue for the company in the Cotai Strip, investing in its stocks would most definitely be a good decision right now.

Wynn Resorts

2014 was a fantastic year for the Wynn Resorts group, but although 2016 was also a good business year, they are still a long way away from where they were in 2014. Having said that, this is an excellent time to invest in Wynn Resorts, since they did see a 32% year on date rise last year. In Macau, Wynn Resorts enjoyed almost an 11% increase in revenue generation during the third quarter of 2016, as compared to Q3 2015. The brand new Wynn Palace in Cotai did not disappoint either and will continue to reel in the profits for the company in 2017. Not to be completely left out of the loop in the US, Wynn Las Vegas is looking to come back into the game there by replacing its 18-hole golf course with the Paradise Park, which will have a clear water lagoon, beaches, water sports, an island in the middle of the lagoon, and much more. Things may take a while to really pick up, but there’s no denying that Wynn Resorts stocks hold tremendous potential for investors in 2017 and beyond.

MGM Resorts

They are known in the market as a stable and solid business group that values eventual and sustained growth over radical changes, and that’s good news for investors. MGM Resorts is currently planning to start a resort in Macau, alongside striking an unexpected deal with Las Vegas Sands; thereby ensuring the shareholders get good profit returns this year and the years after. However, the best part is that even if Macau goes into decline again, MGM Resorts stock will probably be the safest among all other names in the business.

The real threat which the gaming industries in Macau are still facing is from the Chinese government continuing to crack down on corruption within the Chinese territory. As China tries to put a hold on money-laundering through the gambling resorts in Macau, Las Vegas is getting a chance to come back on top after several years in the stagnant zone.

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