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Forming Strong Connections Amongst Your Team In 3 Easy Ways

Are you trying to find a way for your staff to be more productive in the workplace? Are you currently pouring all your efforts into changing systems, processes and various job responsibilities? While those changes can certainly have a positive effect, all too often employers overlook the importance of communication...


Cymru Noir – New Welsh Thriller Launched!

Welsh writer Dave Lewis has just launched his fourth novel, an uncompromising look at the British underworld played out against a background of love and harsh landscapes. Following on from the success of his ‘Cymru noir’ technothriller Hagar trilogy this time Lewis takes us deeper into the human heart. As...


Land-based UK Casinos

The UK is a popular destination with plenty of options when it comes to filling your time with interesting activities. There are so many attractions; shopping centres, pubs, museums, restaurants and lots of other forms of entertainment available so it’s easy to overlook the casinos. Great Britain has a rich...