Things You Should Never Ask Google

When I say ‘Google’ I mean Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant and so on…

1. Doctor Google

OK, we all get paranoid sometimes. Maybe that stomach ache isn’t to do with the ten pints of real ale and a slightly dodgy curry but might actually be terminal cancer. So what do we do? We lie on the settee on a rainy Sunday with boozers gloom, and we type, ‘stomach pains’ into said tech guru. Then we scroll through the ‘answers’ until the ‘C’ word jumps out at us. This causes us stress and we end up with a stomach ulcer. In other words, we’re better off not asking Siri, Google or Alexa for any medical advice. It’s always best to call or book an appointment with a real doctor.

2. How to kill someone

Don’t ask your phone or smart assistant about harming someone, even if you’re just bored. Those chats with Siri or Google Assistant may come back to haunt you if you end up on the wrong side of the law one day. I spent two years searching for things like ‘serial killer’, and ‘torture methods’ before writing my first novel and now I never get invited for job interviews. Keep those ideas to yourself.

3. Anything that ends up with your mug shot

Don’t ask Alexa where to buy guns, drugs, poison, where to hide a body or anything else suspicious. Like asking your smart assistant how to hurt someone, these types of questions could be used against you.

4. Be your receptionist

If you need to call your nearest Currys or the dentist, find the number yourself. The same goes for asking that assistant to call emergency services. Dialling 999 takes two seconds. Google will build up a picture of you through your contacts.

5. Deal with your money

Although voice assistants can connect to your financial apps, there are many security issues with voice data. Savvy cybercriminals can hack into your phone, steal your voice and use it to drain your accounts. Just log into your bank’s website or mobile app and call it a day.

6. “Will I die if I eat this?”

If you’re taking in the mountain air on a much-needed, nature walk and you’re wondering if the berries you found would make a good snack, voice assistants aren’t reliable sources. There’s conflicting information online about poisonous foods and plants, and taking their advice could land you a trip to the hospital. And mushrooms? Don’t even go there. Remember what happened to Clint Eastwood in ‘The Beguiled’?

7. “Get rid of this.”

Don’t ask Alexa or Siri to clear your search history, delete an app or remove photos. We’ve all had a few mishaps where a simple misunderstanding led to something important getting binned. Trust me, it’s worth the extra minute to do it manually.


Every single piece of information you allow Google to see will be used against you at some point in the future. Here’s an example. For years you checked up on medical issues using your smartphone. Then one day you decide to take out health insurance. Guess what? You’re denied cover, or it’s extremely expensive. Why? Because Google has defined you as a medical risk.

Original article by Kim Kamando – click here.

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