Welsh Labour’s Covid-19 Response – Public Enquiry?

As we all know ‘Covid’ is now over. Or at least the danger of serious disease for the majority of the population is.  OK, we now have seven coronaviruses to look out for each Christmas (not the usual four or six, like before 2019) but the panic is effectively over and we should all get back to normal now as quickly as possible.

So is now the time for a Wales only enquiry into how well / badly the Senedd (Welsh Labour) handled the situation?

Drakeford dancing (mask-less) at a Diwali party during lockdown

OK, here are few points to remember, just in case you missed them or had forgotten, what with all the confusing propaganda from the Welsh Labour Party’s media arm, i.e. BBC Wales.

  • At the start of the pandemic Mark Drakeford put one person in charge of Wales’ response.  Yep, one person!  About two months later that doctor was in the mainstream media (links to that story seem to have been deleted though – I wonder why?) saying he couldn’t cope with the job!  Not surprising of course but how stupid was it to give the job to one person in the first place!
  • Next, the biggest cock-up.  Drakeford (and BLM supporter Vaughan Gethin) decided to send Covid-19 positive patients in hospitals back to their care homes!  Seriously, this is what they did!  Manslaughter???  Figures from the office for National Statistics (ONS) recorded up to 5 June 2021 show that nearly a third of the 2,317 deaths in Wales linked to Covid-19 were in care homes!
  • Throughout all of the pandemic Drakeford followed Boris.  He did almost exactly the same.  All he did different was tweak the dates for lockdowns and then subsequent release from restrictions.  Yet he claims to have done things differently?  He also doesn’t want a Welsh only enquiry!  You can’t have it both ways mate!  OK, what could he have done different you may well ask?  Well, he could have followed the science and used an evidence-based approach rather than listen to a failed, discredited physicist, Neil Ferguson (i.e. the same crazy Sage predictions that Boris used).  Ferguson is the guy who said stay indoors otherwise half a million will die.  He then went out and ‘visited’ his girlfriend.  Without underlying health conditions it turned out to be about 17,000 UK deaths not 500,000 UK deaths btw.  And let’s not forget other countries approaches, e.g. Sweden, who had 1,443 deaths per 1,000,000 compared to lockdown fans – Boris & Drakeford – the UK had 1,888 per 1,000,000 of the population.  Germany also did better than the UK. (Figures up to March 2021.). We should also remind ourselves that the UK already had a pandemic plan in place for a respiratory virus like Sars 2 – the Tories just threw this plan out the window.  It remains to be seen why Wales didn’t at least look at it before copying Westminster?
  • At every press conference Mr Drakeford told us we had to have restrictions yet never produced any evidence for them.  One example was the closing of gyms – I asked WAG on what evidence and was told they used one small study in Japan but ignored hundreds of other larger studies that showed the opposite – that gyms were safe.  He still closed them.
  • Drakeford’s dithering and last minute decisions showed he had / has no concern or understanding for the private sector at all and in particular the hospitality businesses, like pubs, clubs and restaurants, which have been decimated by his policies.
  • He also stopped sports (both indoors and outdoors) even though we know that sport and physical activity helps both our mental and physical health.  He did this without showing the public any evidence as well.  We also know that unfit, obese people are more susceptible to any disease – yet he was quite happy for the whole population to be stuck indoors out of the sunshine, breathing the same stale air, lowering their resistance, eating chocolate and drinking beer.
  • The dithering continued when it came to opening up after unnecessary lockdowns – on every occasion, Welsh people were forced to travel to England to live a normal life.  By differing from England he ensured Welsh business lagged further behind.
  • And he won’t admit he was ever wrong will he?  Even though we’ve known for fifty plus years that an airborne pathogen / pandemic was coming and we’ve had many years to prepare he still won’t admit he made any mistakes.  When questioned (although not very often) by the media he has a hissy-fit telling everyone he is so clever and was a professor.  Mmm?  I think he did Latin and taught public admin.  Not exactly a double first at Cambridge in epidemiology is it?  Lol.  I’m guessing that the failure to admit his numerous mistakes is related to Drakeford’s ego.  Some people have such a fragile ego, such a weak psychological constitution, that admitting they made a mistake or that they were wrong is fundamentally too threatening for their egos to tolerate.
  • Drakeford also says he follows the science when he clearly doesn’t.  There are far too many examples to list here but I’m sure any biologist will be happy to debate this.
  • I feel he has endangered lives by playing politics instead of doing what was right.  He is happy to copy Sturgeon in Scotland but blames party animal Boris for everything else.  This is the man who danced at a Diwali party without a mask and supported Jeremy Corbyn in case you’re not sure where his politics lie.

And always remember, the most important thing a human being has is his freedom – take that away and we are in a very dangerous place. Whatever your politics we should all appreciate and value the freedoms we have and not allow tin-pot dictators, that only 18% of the country voted for (last WP election), to take them away without due scrutiny.  Unfortunately in this poor country of ours we do not have a media that works for its people but rather one that cwtches up to the government, and where do we see that in the world?  China, N Korea, Russia…

And what are our chances of actually getting a Wales-only enquiry?  About 50 free spins no deposit no doubt.

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2 Responses

  1. Ted Nash says:

    Thank you for writing the article. I have never been convinced Mr Drakeford has the best health interest of Wales’ populace at heart. It wasn’t that long ago we had to fight him and Mr Gethin to retain the accident and emergency department at the Royal Glamorgan (an overspill hospital for the Heath) and that after losing ante natal services to Prince Charles hospital. Clearly Mr Drakeford and his Scottish counterpart have used this entire episode as an opportunity to politic against central UK government (where I believe a national wide control should have been maintained). The sooner Wales has the courage to vote another party into the WAG’s leadership the better or perhaps better still rid ourselves of this budgetary open tap known as the assembly member wage bill.

  2. admin says:

    I quite agree Mr Nash.

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