Druids Drink 2021

It’s fast approaching that time of year again.  When assorted dog walkers (doggers), wizards (nutters) and pagans (hippy clothes shop afficiandos) all gather around the druid stones at Pontypridd Common, midday on Christmas Day.

The annual Christmas Day Druids Drink is a permanent fixture in the Ponty social calendar of course and no amount of Greek variant can stop it.  Bad weather might I suppose, but even then the doggers will be there in abundance regardless; North Face and wellies on.

However, we still need to be alert, because this country needs ‘lerts’.  (I love the old ones.)  Anyway, just to remind everyone that we will be there, outdoors, in the cold, socially cwtched together with a bottle of mead in hand to toast the day and the wonderful people of Ponty.  And just like Iceland and the Coop we shall not be enforcing any sort of mask wearing – quite the opposite in fact!

So, see you there – 12pm, Christmas Day.

And let’s hope 2022 will be a better year all round and we can once again think about booking that all-inclusive holiday to Ghana, contraceptives included.

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