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Covid-19 Election? 0

Covid-19 Election?

They say that “Insanity Is Doing the Same Thing Over and Over Again and Expecting Different Results”.  Obviously that message hasn’t filtered down to Wales yet. So, the Senedd election – what the hell happened there then?  OK, I suppose after the year-long party political broadcasts from the Labour Party,...

The State Of Welsh Media 0

The State Of Welsh Media

The sun is shining, Covid-19 is thankfully receding and the pubs are open again!  But, alas, the Welsh (and British) media is still churning out negativity… Welsh Media Crisis When I was growing up we had a few daily newspapers and one or two TV channels. That’s where we got...

What Has Happened to Welsh News? 0

What Has Happened to Welsh News?

Happy New Year Campers.  Thought I’d kick off 2020 with a warning about our wonderful Welsh media. Welsh Media Crisis Wales Online has decided to stop pretending to be a news source this week after overpaid journalists drinking in a famous city centre pub revealed that the last cat found...