Covid-19 Election?

They say that “Insanity Is Doing the Same Thing Over and Over Again and Expecting Different Results”.  Obviously that message hasn’t filtered down to Wales yet.

So, the Senedd election – what the hell happened there then?  OK, I suppose after the year-long party political broadcasts from the Labour Party, opps, sorry I meant BBC Wales, it was to be expected.  A huge win for Labour as the press keeps telling us.  Mmm?

Actually the turnout was pretty poor.  Only 46% of those eligible to do so voted.  Many gave up at the polling stations because the queues were a mile long due to non-existent Covid-19 but that’s another story.  Labour did poll 40% of the Welsh vote.  That’s 40% of the 46% who turned up of course, which is only 18% btw.  So the media headline should have been:

82% of Welsh voters didn’t vote for Labour or Drippy!

Unfortunately we have a rather more subservient media here in Wales.  One that doesn’t like to upset the apple cart.  One that won’t ask the obvious question – why don’t people give a shit?  Or put another more positive way – how can we get more people to vote?

Having said this though, Labour still won.  People still thought Drippy was somehow a better bet than independence?  People keep getting reminded that for the last 22 years we have been governed by Labour and the poverty, lack of jobs, ill health etc. of Wales is down to them.  Yet people still don’t vote them out?

I’ve heard some very unkind people calling the Welsh thick.  I’m read that all over 50s must die before we can change things.  One thing you have to ask though is what are the opposition doing to change our minds in the meantime?

And what about Covid?  Did this play a part?  I guess so, although it shouldn’t have.  Drippy just copied Boris.  So if you hate Boris then it follows that…

But let’s look at the alternatives.  The Tories.  Mmm?  OK, we’ll leave it there.

Plaid Cymru?  Yes Cymru?  They claim they are the party of Wales yet they have an anti-Semitic poster girl in a face veil as a candidate.  Some say that they are even more woke than Labour!  Is that even possible?  Labour and Plaid Cymru also openly support racist pressure group BLM yet claim they are anti-racists – you could not make this shit up!  Either way I’d argue it’s certainly one reason why neither party gets many votes.

The population of Wales (and the UK) is fed up with politicians who just seem to feather their nests, give high-paid jobs and contracts to their friends, wives and wives’ squash partners.  Drakeford is a millionaire.  He got to become one by being a politician.  Good job if you can get it and producing results is not necessary as you keep getting voted back in!  Crazy eh!  Imagine a football manager whose team kept coming bottom of the league.  Would he keep his job and still get pay rises?  Would the fans and press still love him?  Call him a ‘rock star’?  I didn’t make that up.  The BBC actually said that about Drakeford!

In Australia people get fined if they don’t vote.  Should we introduce such a system?  I say yes.  That way the 54% who didn’t vote this time could all put a cross in the Green Party box or something similar and we’d at least have a new government or an opposition.  Mind you the Greens are pretty woke these days too!

As a proud socialist and someone who wants Labour to speak up on behalf of the oppressed and the marginalised in our country, i.e. white working class men, I despair when I see all the values we grew up respecting being betrayed by career politicians and university brainwashed marxists.

The future?  Civil war?  As everyone should have noticed by now, the poorer parts of the UK (Wales included) are slowly being implanted with third world migrants that come from a culture very much different to our own.  Look at France and many other parts of Europe if you want to know what’s coming.  It’s a scary prospect.  Look at London.  They voted in Khan even though knife crime and violence is through the roof.

Anyway, that’s all for another time.  Next year perhaps.  What are we going to do about Wales?  How can we make it better?  Is it too late?  It’s looking that way.

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