Why Manchester Is A Perfect City for Welsh Citizens Looking to Move to England

Are you tiring of Wales? For many who want to leave this beautiful country behind them, it is not London that is the big draw but Manchester. Let’s take a look at why this city works so well not just for the Welsh but for all visitors.

Cheap Property

Many people might have their sights set on London. However, the issue with that is that you will be spending an awful lot of money on a space that is not that impressive at all compared to flats and houses around the rest of the country. For example, in Manchester you can get so much more for your money. If you are coming from somewhere equally affordable like Cardiff, it should not be too much of a change for you.

You could choose to opt for a more modern apartment along the canal, or you could pick a terraced home in one of the suburbs. There are plenty of choices for property here! Why not go for a blend of the two? There are developments of old buildings cropping up all over town that mean you could get your hands on a stylish warehouse conversion and your perfect pad. Going back and forth a lot until you find just the right place? Finding secure self-storage in Manchester will allow you to guarantee that your belongings are kept safe until you can find the right place to lay your head.


One of the best reasons to move to Manchester is the nightlife. If you want to party here, you need to get down to the Gay Village as soon as you can. Even those who are not members of the LGBT will find a good night out here that is packed with memories and fun.

You might want a full night on the tiles with dancing until the sun comes up. You might just want to meet up in a quirky bar for some elegant cocktails and a catchup. No matter what your night out might look like, Manchester is able to offer it to you.

Job Opportunities

Manchester is one of the biggest cities in the UK, and with that comes the benefit of being able to explore a brilliant job market. Many TV networks have studios or offices here and the entertainment business itself is booming.

However, there are many other industries that all call Manchester home. If a company has offices in London and Birmingham, chances are that the next city they will look to expanding to is Manchester. With so much on offer here, it is easy to understand why. No matter what industry you are currently in, there will hopefully be some opportunity for you to pick up in Manchester.

It’s Just Over an Hour Away (Ish)

In a car, it is just an hour from Wrexham to Manchester. Obviously, the more remote you are, the longer it will take. Manchester to Pontypridd by car will take you about 4 hours, but you could cut right through the centre of Wales and the Brecon Beacons National Park whenever you come home. Even though you have moved to England, living in Manchester means that you are never too far from Wales.

If you want to get away from Wales, Manchester should be calling your name! This city has just as much to offer as London or Birmingham but in a much neater package. If you want a stunning place to call home that can offer you fun at all hours of the day or night, you should most definitely think about giving Manchester a chance to show you what it can offer!

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