The Top Fruit Juice Trends Worldwide: What You Should Know

If you are a fruit juice consumer, you probably have your favourites among the different flavours available. You might even go for the combination fruit juices or the blends, where there is a mix of varying flavours, giving fruit juices a whole new texture and flavour profile. But if you are both a consumer and a manufacturer of fruit juices and other beverages, then you know full well that there are specific trends in consumer tastes and even behaviours towards different fruit juices. For instance, in the UK, orange and apple juice are still the most popular today, but is it the same around the globe? Here are the top fruit juice trends worldwide: what you should know.

  • The main trends in flavours

When it comes to fruit juice flavours, there is no denying that the crowd favourites are still orange juice and apple juice, which are very popular across the UK, North America, and Western Europe. But among the top ten, we see emerging flavours such as coconut water (top five), mango (top four), and pineapple (top six). After that, the top flavours include peach, blueberry, pomegranate, and grape, rounding out the top ten.

But there are also some surprising new trends in fruit juices, with blends tallying well among consumers. Hydrating drinks are also making waves, as are beverages with low sugar and those that deliver benefits such as plant-based and natural ingredients. In particular, mango has increased the most when it comes to preference, with a significant number of consumers (35 per cent!) preferring it over other fruit juices. Another ingredient that has seen a lot of growth and is included in more drinks and beverages is carrot, which is now seen in almost 200 types of drinks and blended beverages. It is often paired with flavours such as orange, apple, turmeric, ginger, and pumpkin, especially for consumers who are looking for more options with drinks that are lower in sugar content, as confirmed by EE & Brian Smith, who are famous for their orange juice supplies and other fruit juice supplies.

  • Some interesting flavour combos

There are also some interesting flavour combos seen worldwide, and if you are a manufacturer seeking a global audience, it pays to look at these trends. For example, in Turkey, there are more beverages with a combination of apple and lemonade, and Poland has an interesting mix of flavours such as apple, lemons, and Mirabelle plums. Meanwhile, in Austria, there seems to be a preference for kiwi, strawberry, apple, and (believe it or not) pepper. It is worth noting that Mirabelle plums are a speciality-protected fruit found only in Lorraine in France, and it is often used for making jam and brandy. Because of its protected status, it is illegal for importation into the United States, which further adds to its exotic, high-end appeal.

Certain products have indeed come out with these flavour combinations, and it’s interesting to note that some of these products also boast fruit and vegetable juices that are said to be ‘home-grown’ and GMO-free. A lot of the juices above also contain no additives or sugar and are single-origin juices. Many fruit juices today are also free from artificial colourings and preservatives and contain 100 per cent fruit juice.


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